Who Has ‘Outer Banks’ Star Chase Stokes Dated?

Some Outer Banks fans are curious about the relationships Chase Stokes was in before he started dating Madelyn Cline. Find out who Stokes’ girlfriends were in the past. 

Chase Stokes girlfriend
Drew Starkey, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

‘Outer Banks’ fans thought Chase and Madelyn were dating a while ago

Stokes and Cline chose to quarantine together when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic put the world on stay-at-home orders. “Through a weird chain of events, we were like ‘Why don’t we do this together?’” Stokes told E! News. They were with a few other castmates, including Rudy Pankow and Drew Starkey, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating the two were an item.

Chase Stokes let the cat out of the bag

After months of speculation amongst viewers, Stokes revealed he and Outer Banks co-star Cline were a couple. Stokes announced their relationship after consulting his mother. “I [told my mom], ‘I think I’m gonna post it,’” Stokes told Us Weekly. “She was like, ‘Really? You understand what happens when you do that?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah. I do, Mom. Sure do.’” 

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Stokes shared photos from a beach-front dinner to Instagram on June 14. He used the caption, “Cat’s outta the bag.” Fans and fellow castmates were excited about the news. Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, wrote: “Well it’s about time.” J.J.’s Rudy Pankow said: “Boom!!” Cline sweetly commented, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” 

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Since the announcement, the two have been sharing more photos and videos of each other on social media. 

Chase Stokes was in a 10-year relationship before 

Stokes was in a relationship with his high school girlfriend, Xiomara Montalvo, before moving to California to pursue a career in acting. According to Elite Daily, Montalvo’s mother shared photos documenting their past relationship. In April 2017, Montalvo’s mom explained how the two were moving to California: “I couldn’t be more proud of these two humans, they did all we ask[ed] of them before they decided to follow their hearts and go on an adventure to California. I believe with all I am this is the best thing for them. It’s hard to see them be so far, but I know they cannot pursue all they are capable of here in Florida. Part of My heart lives in Cali now.” 

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Chase was newly single before he started dating Madelyn

It’s unclear when Stokes’ relationship with Montalvo came to an end, but in an interview with New York Magazine, Stokes revealed it was fairly recent. “I went through a breakup a little bit before quarantine, and it was with somebody I’d been with for almost 10 years,” Stokes said. According to Montalvo’s Facebook page, she has been in a relationship with a tattoo artist named Diego Jiménez since April 2020. 

It’s unclear whether Stokes had any other relationships before Montalvo. Considering how they were together for 10 years, it’s unlikely he had a serious relationship prior — but not impossible!