‘Outer Banks’: This Fan Theory Could Explain What’s in Store for the Pogues in Season 2

It’s official — Outer Banks will return to Netflix with another season. One fan pointed out how a conversation from season 1 might hint at one of the major plot points in season 2

'Outer Banks'
Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Chase Stokes, and Jonathan Daviss | Netflix

It was only a matter of time before season 2 was confirmed

Forbes reported that Outer Banks spent 51 consecutive days on the daily Top 10 list. Before that, only Ozark and Avatar: The Last Airbender — attained such a ranking. 

What’s more, showrunner Jonas Pate has been talking about how the show could be at least four seasons long. 

“Ever since we started, we always viewed [Outer Banks] as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but definitely four seasons,” Pate explained to Entertainment Weekly in April 2020. “We’ve sort of long-arced it out pretty far. I’m just hoping that we get a chance to actually tell those stories.”

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Given the success Outer Banks Season 1 has experienced and Pate’s report, many fans have been eagerly awaiting confirmation of season 2. That announcement came July 24, 2020. 

‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 will feature new mysteries 

In season 1, John B. (Chase Stokes) spent his summer searching for his missing father and later, tracking down $400 million in gold. 

For season 2, Pate said the Pogues will get themselves caught up in new mysteries. 

“It all comes off the same spine of the same story, but it branches out in ways that hopefully the audience won’t see coming,” Pate told Entertainment Weekly.  

Some fans think season 2 will feature a secret society 

Pate has teased a plethora of new mysteries for season 2. As such, fans have started to theorize what some of those mysteries could be, based on season 1. 

According to one Reddit user, John B. could uncover Ward Cameron’s (Charles Esten) involvement in the mysterious Grand Knight of the Rhododendron. 

“In season 1, episode 7, before Ward and John B try to kill each other, Ward makes a throwaway line: ‘You’re with a Grand Knight [of] the Rhododendron. ‘You don’t know what that is right now, but that means I’m a trusted member of this community.'” This fan believes “that this secret society will come [into] play in season 2.” 

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In addition, this Outer Banks fan thinks season 2 will be less about the Pogues versus Ward and more about the Pogues versus Ward and his army of secret society brethren. 

“I think that Scooter [David Ury], Shoupe [Cullen Moss], and perhaps Big John [Charles Halford] were at least knowledgeable of this Rhododendron order and that the conspiracy has its roots in finding the Royal Merchant.” 

This small mention of a secret society from Ward could play a significant role in season 2 of Outer Banks, but only time will tell. 

When to expect ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

Not for a while. It’s unclear when it will be safe for casts and crews to start filming again. 

“We’re trying to be respectful and responsible,” Stokes said to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “If I get sick, then it puts the entire possibility of us going back to work — and that’s hundreds of people on the Outer Banks cast — that I could put at risk.” 

Regardless of when filming starts, fans are just glad to know Outer Banks is coming back.