‘Outer Banks’: Why Madison Bailey Thinks Kiara Will Be the Glue in Season 2

Outer Banks introduced viewers to the fictional world of Kooks and Pogues. At its core, the Netflix series analyzes the effects that wealth and status have on society, but it’s also a show about friendship. 

Season 1 ended with a traumatic situation that left JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Kiara (Madison Bailey) worried about John B (Chase Stokes). Bailey believes Kiara will play an important part in season 2, especially when it comes to keeping the Pogue’s friendship together. 

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Kiara broke the Pogue-on-Pogue macking rule 

In season 1 of Outer Banks, Kiara broke the one rule the Pogues had on hooking up — no Pogue-on-Pogue macking. As the sole female in her group of friends, Kiara was no stranger to the flirtatious vibes JJ, John B, and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) occasionally threw at her. Kiara thought it was harmless flirting until John B made a move. 

After John B finds clues from his missing father about the $400 million in gold, his emotions are all over the place and he kisses Kiara in a moment of passion. There was a mutual understanding of how weird it was, but the kiss did create friction amongst the group later in season 1. During the final episode of the season, Kiara kisses another Pogue — this time, Pope and Kiara locked lips in the emotional moments after John B and Sarah Cameron sail off into a tropical storm. 

Will Kiara have a love interest in season 2?

Another season of Outer Banks isn’t officially confirmed yet, but showrunner Jonas Pate hinted that he was working on season 2. “It turns out being quarantined and writing is practically the same,” Pate told  USA Today. “With all the turmoil over the first season, from the loss of his father to his friends thinking he is dead, there are just so many variables to look at from a thousand-foot overview.” Together with collaborators Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, Pate said the show could become a “four season-novel.” 

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That leaves plenty of time for Kiara to develop a love interest, whether it be in a fellow Pogue or a new character introduced in a later season. 

Madison Bailey thinks Kiara will have to hold the Pogues together next season 

At the end of Outer Banks Season 1, John B and Sarah Cameron sail into a storm. They somehow manage to survive, despite the odds. After being rescued by a passing ship, they don’t think to let the rest of the Pogues know that they’re alive. 

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Season 2 will likely show Kiara, Pope, and JJ back in the Outer Banks picking up the pieces. Not knowing whether or not John B and Sarah are alive will probably create tension amongst the Pogues. I think it’s going to be an interesting balance of Kiara being broken, absolutely shattered, and also being that heart of the group,” Bailey explained to Harpers Bazaar. “I feel like JJ is the type of person to get really detached during all of this, and I don’t think Kiara’s going to let him do that. And I think Pope is just going to be very solemn. I feel like he’s going to kind of become numb, which Kiara is not going to want for anybody.”

Given the influence Bailey had on her role in the first season of Outer Banks, her theories for season 2 are likely to come true.