‘Outer Banks’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: ‘The Heist’

Outer Banks season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. In the season 2 episode “The Heist,” things get even more intense for Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey). Plus, the setup for one of the most intense episodes of Outer Banks yet.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks Season 2, Episode 2, “The Heist.”]

MADELYN CLINE as SARAH CAMERON and CHASE STOKES as JOHN B in 'The Heist' episode of 'Outer Banks' Season 2
Madelyn Cline & Chase Stokes | JACKSON LEE DAVIS/NETFLIX © 2021

‘Outer Banks’ Season 1 characters Val and Vlad make a comeback

Outer Banks fans will recall Val and Vlad from season 1 when Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B. (Chase Stokes) sneak on to a ferry to Chapel Hill. Their alter egos make a return in season 2’s “The Heist” as the couple tries to evade the Bahama’s community security guards. 

Still believing Sarah to be dead, Ward gets curious about who could be breaking in to his Bahamian home. “Show me his face,” he tells the guards via video call. Quick on her feet, Sarah turns the sprinklers on and ruins the guard’s phone, rendering it useless.

Ward Cameron gets more blood on his hands in ‘Outer Banks’ episode ‘The Heist’

Back in the Outer Banks, the Pogues are on to Ward’s (Charles Esten) pilot, Gavin (Adam Vernier) tries to blackmail him for more money. After his role in Peterkin’s (Adina Porter) death as a witness, Gavin wants more insurance in exchange for his silence. 

Ward agrees to meet up with him at a construction site in town to make the exchange. But being Ward Cameron, that’s not how things go down. There’s a brief struggle, but Ward ultimately gets his hands on the gun.

“Rafe killed a cop,” Gavin says as Ward walks away with the gun Peterkin was shot with. “I’m not going to jail for your psycho son.” 

Ward doesn’t take kindly to Gavin’s extortion. Desperate, he shoots Gavin. What he doesn’t know is J.J. (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) are watching, old-school camera in hand.

In need of the gun to clear Rafe’s name, Ward panics when it falls off of the construction site and into a flowing stream of rain. He loses all hope when the murder weapon plunges into the gutter. 

Rafe Cameron’s grappling with more guilt than ever in ‘The Heist’

After shooting Peterkin, Rafe has a hard time dealing with the guilt. That only increases when he helps Ward dispose of Gavin’s body. When he learns about the gun’s location in the sewer system, Rafe knows he has to go after the only piece of evidence that can prove his involvement in Peterkin’s death. 

Later, Rafe connects with Barry (Nicholas Cirillo), the Outer Banks’ drug dealer, for help finding the murder weapon. Barry’s past working for the water company proves useful — Rafe floods the sewer system to flush the gun out.

The only problem is Kiara’s in the drain pipes looking for the gun, too. “I think we should kill them all,” Rafe says in episode 1 of season 2 — he’s ruthless this season and doesn’t care about his mounting body count.


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At the end of “The Heist,” Rafe senses some relief when Ward asks him to help with the transport of the gold. Up until this point, Rafe has been in the dark regarding what Ward was transporting and how deep of a financial hole he’s in. For Ward and Rafe, the gold is the answer to all of their problems. 

Captain Terrance and Cleo join John B. and Sarah Cameron’s mission to get the gold back in ‘The Heist’ 

After trying to turn them over to the police for $50,000 in episode 1, Terrance (Terence Rosemore) and his business partner, Cleo (Carlacia Grant), set their sights on the Royal Merchant gold. Sarah’s plan is brilliant — she calls her sister, Wheezie (Julia Antonelli), to get details about Ward’s plan to move the money. 

“My entire life, Ward has always gotten what he’s wanted,” Sarah tells John B. “Everyone jumps for him, and I thought that was respect, but I realize now it’s fear.”

Sarah’s plan is to intercept the gold before it gets on the transport plane with the help of John B., Terrance, and Cleo. But Rafe’s decision to join Ward on his trip throws a wrench in her plan. When Ward sees Sarah on the road and John B. raises his weapon, Rafe reacts. While he’s aiming for John B., he accidentally shoots his sister. 

Stokes wasn’t wrong when he told Netflix Life season 2 is a “wild ride.” Keep streaming Outer Banks on Netflix to find out what happens next.