‘Outer Banks’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: ‘My Druthers’

Get ready for another intense episode, Outer Banks fans. Chase Stokes promised a more “heightened” and “nuanced” season 2 of the Netflix series (via HollywoodLife), and “My Druthers” captures that sentiment. When Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) feels cornered, he takes drastic measures to protect his son Rafe (Drew Starkey). 

Charles Esten as Ward Cameron in the Netflix series 'Outer Banks'
Charles Esten | Netflix

The police drop the murder charges against John B. in ‘My Druthers’

After Topper (Austin North) rescues Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) from the clutches of her brother, she returns to the Pogue compound. When John B. sees a flicker of their old flame, he asks Sarah to tell him about their marriage. “I’m with him,” Sarah says instead of telling the truth about what happened on their sail home from the Bahamas.

Kiara is starting to feel weird about sleeping with Pope

Throughout season 2, the vibes between Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) have been tense. There’s a romance between them, as evidenced in “Homecoming.” But after taking their relationship to the next level, Kiara has some concerns. 

“My mom’s threatening me with boarding school, and I can’t stand the idea of not being able to talk to you,” she tells Pope, worried sex will ruin their friendship. “Things used to be so good.” 

All of this hurts Pope. At this point, he wants to be more than friends with Kiara in Outer Banks

‘My Druthers’ gives Pope clarity on Denmark Tanney’s key 

Despite John B.’s release from prison, Pope still wants to find Denmark Tanney’s key. His plan is to split whatever treasure they come across, just like they were going to with the $400 million in gold from the Royal Merchant. 

“What’s the big deal, it ain’t worth anything!” says Pope’s dad in the episode. But he knows better than that. After pushing his father, Pope seeks out his great-grandmother, who used to wear the key around her neck every day. 


“Take that away,” Pope’s great-grandmother tells him. Eventually, she reveals how Denmark and Cecelia Tanney are Pope’s great-great-grandparents. 

“I didn’t want what happened to Denmark to happen to you or your Daddy,” she says. “I don’t want you to do nothing crazy now.” But being a Pogue, Pope can’t let this key or the treasure it leads to go.

Ward Cameron tries to protect Rafe one last time in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

After the FBI raids the Cameron residence, Ward seeks Rafe out at Barry’s (Nicholas Cirillo) trailer. He hands him a wad of cash and asks him to go to Wilmington, North Carolina, to escape getting arrested. From there, Rafe’s supposed to go to Raleigh, where Ward has a charter plane waiting for him. 

“Dad, I’m sorry,” he says. “You were right about a lot of things.” Rafe says he wants to get better, but the challenges in his life have been overpowering. 

“You’re not going to jail for something you did for me,” Ward tells him. He also admits that, given a choice between Rafe and Sarah, he would choose Rafe. 

Kildare County police arrest Rafe in ‘My Druthers’ and Ward dies by suicide  

Once again, Rafe relies on Barry to dig him out of a hole. But this time, Barry outsmarts the Camerons. He leads Rafe directly into a trap set up by Deputy Shoupe (Cullen Moss). 

There’s a tense shootout between Rafe and the Kildare County police. But they ultimately take Rafe into custody. 

Stuck, Ward has nothing left to do but tell the truth. Instead of turning himself in, he waits for the police to close in on his mansion. When they arrive, Ward is on his boat. “He’s out on the Druthers,” Rose Cameron (Caroline Arapoglou) tells police. 


‘Outer Banks’: The Truth About the Royal Merchant Ship

“I was trying to protect my family,” Ward explains, desperate. Just as Sarah arrives to talk her dad into speaking with the police, he raises the boat anchor. 

“She’s not supposed to be here!” Ward screams as the anchor creeps closer to the boat. In one of the most shocking Outer Banks moments ever, Ward’s boat explodes in a fiery rage as Sarah, John B., and the rest of the Pogues watch.