‘Outer Banks’: Will Season 2 Show Kiara’s Time As a Kook?

The characters in Outer Banks have cultivated a mass following. Season 1 explored the fictional world of the Kooks and Pogues, introducing fans to the likes of John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Madison Bailey’s Kiara

Outer Banks fans are hopeful that another season of the series will be confirmed, and with it will come more clarity regarding characters’ backgrounds — especially for the Kook-turned-Pogue, Kiara.  

'Outer Banks'
Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Chase Stokes, Johnathan Daviss | Netflix

Kiara was the sole female Pogue in season 1 

Outer Banks is a series that analyzes the relationships between the affluent members of society and the less fortunate. Kiara comes from both worlds. She was raised in a wealthy family and formerly attended a Kook school, but she lives the life of a Pogue. Ki surrounds herself with JJ, Pope, and John B. It is this motley crew of Pogues that keep Kiara grounded throughout season 1 of Outer Banks

“If you look at all of our characters, we’re all super different,” Bailey told Harpers Bazaar. “We have very different backstories and all of that. But I think it’s really interesting to see a group dynamic where the thing that we have in common is not having anything in common. And so we connect because we’re all solo. We’re all our own entity.”

Kiara was only put into a Kook environment once in season 1

Throughout season 1, Kiara vehemently avoids talking about her past life attending a Kook school. For Kiara, those memories are painful because of the way her friendship ended with Sarah Cameron. Having stripped herself of her Kook identity, Kiara wholeheartedly adopts the Pogue life, feeling comfortable and confident within her social circle. 

Stripped of her Kook identity, Kiara was uncomfortable when she attended the Midsummer party. At this point, it’s evident Kiara’s parents want her to fit in with both groups, but Kiara’s interests lie elsewhere. She’s someone who doesn’t believe in fitting into a mold — someone who values being true to themselves instead of pleasing others. That personality trait shines during the Midsummer party when Kiara abandons the event to take part in another Pogue adventure. 

Will fans get a look at Kiara’s Kook past in season 2? 

Another season of Outer Banks has yet to be confirmed, but one of the show’s creators has hinted there will be a second season. Jonas Pate explained to USA Today how he was already writing season 2 and how he imagined the show to be a total of four seasons. 


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As for what fans will learn in season 2, Bailey has a few thoughts. “You see [Ki] in a Kook environment at Midsummers [in season 1], but what does it look like when [her] parents bring their [wealthy] friends to the house?” Bailey wondered. “What did it look like when [Kiara] went to school?”

Kiara’s background is an interesting one — something fans and Bailey both hope the showrunners will explore in season 2. “I would love to see a flashback to me and Sarah’s friendship. I want to see our friendship grow because we had this whole bond that we never saw because we pick up with it being over, and I just want a little more one-on-one time with Sarah, one-on-one time with the Kooks.”

Hopefully Outer Banks Season 2 is confirmed soon!