‘Outer Banks’ Star Madelyn Cline Has This Incredibly Common Skin Problem

Many fans will find relief knowing Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline has an extremely common skin condition. Here’s how Cline is tackling her skin problems head-on in preparation for season 2 of Outer Banks

Madelyn Cline
Madelyn Cline | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

All eyes on Madelyn Cline

Cline has been in the public eye since 2009 when she starred in the short Milites Christi. She had several other roles in movies and television before landing the part of Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks, including parts in The OriginalsVice Principals, and Stranger Things

Thanks to Outer Banks, Cline’s career took off. Because she’s the star of one of the most popular Netflix series right now, she constantly has the attention of the public. 

When Outer Banks fans get a pimple, a few people might notice. When Cline gets a pimple, the entire world takes note. 

Fortunately, Cline has mastered her skincare routine — thanks to a diagnosis she received when she was a teenager. 

Madelyn has cystic acne 

Cline has had cystic acne since she was 13-years-old. According to Healthline, this is the most severe type of acne that causes cysts to develop beneath the skin’s surface due to bacteria, oil, and dry skin buildup. 

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Having lived with cystic acne for nearly 10 years of her life, Cline has her skincare routine down to a science. But that all had to change when she started filming for Outer Banks

Madelyn Cline had to change up her skincare routine to film 

For season 2 of Outer Banks, Cline explained to The Cut how she’s anticipating 12-hour days filming in the south’s hot and humid weather. 

“My skin [is] incredibly oily and problematic, and I would get large painful cysts all over my face and my back.” To prevent that, Cline would use clindamycin and retinoid to treat her cystic acne.

However, as Cline pointed out, “retinoids and sun exposure do not mix.”

Instead of using “prettily packaged salicylic acid acne products” that would cause irritation, Cline adjusted her skincare routine to film Outer Banks

Here’s how Madelyn Cline keeps her skin healthy and glowing

As Cline relayed to The Cut, she focuses on the active ingredients in her skincare products most.

“For cleansing, the active ingredient that has been most effective for me is benzoyl peroxide,” she explained. “For pigmentation and anti-aging, I look for hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, and for dryness, I look for vitamin E.” 

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Cline typically stays away from products with strong fragrances, as they can cause skin irritation. She also avoids products with “granules” or “beads,” as they’re known to cause micro-tears. 

Breakouts are bound to happen, but Cline doesn’t stress

While the products Cline uses on her skin are undoubtedly essential, she also believes being “grateful for her skin” plays a vital role in living with cystic acne. 

Breakouts are bound to happen, no matter how stringent she is with her routine. But Cline understands that and doesn’t beat herself up when breakouts happen.

“It’s obviously never fun to have stubborn acne onscreen — especially on Outer Banks when I’m wearing heavy makeup for 12 hours every day in 100% humidity,” she said. “But at the end of the day, everybody gets pimples. Breakouts don’t diminish your beauty, baby.”