‘Outer Banks’: Will There Be a Season 3, and What’s the Possible Release Date?

Netflix is on a streak, with most of its shows breaking even with audiences. The streamer has enjoyed success with hits like Sweet Tooth, Never Have I Ever, and very recently Outer Banks. Outer Banks season 2 arrived on Netflix on July 30, 2021, after the streaming service released a thrilling trailer that left fans clamoring for another season.

'Outer Banks' Season 2 stars Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, and Chase Stokes
‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 stars Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, and Chase Stokes | Elaine Siemek/Netflix

So will there be a season 3? And what’s the possible release date? Find out.

What’s the possible release date for season 3?

Although Outer Banks has been a hit on Netflix, the streamer is yet to greenlight it for another season. Decider reports that the series made it to Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S list during its second season premiere, which might be a sign for good things to come.

While Netflix hasn’t confirmed Outer Banks Season 3, showrunner Shannon Burke told Entertainment Weekly they already have plans in the works for plotlines in the next season. Burke even said “I’m not sure if we should be talking about this yet,” which is a promising signal that work has already started on the non-confirmed third season.

Outer Banks managed to stick to its release date despite the raging pandemic and coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines. If the show is renewed for another season, it will probably drop in 2022 if the production team stays on its current course.

Questions that season 3 needs to answer

Season 2 picks up where the first season left off with the two lovebirds reaching their destination in the Bahamas. One of the questions the show’s third season needs to answer is who exactly is Limbrey and what is her plan? The details about her are that she is a Charleston native but seems to be more than meets the eye.

She was last seen handing over an antique document, presumably a map, which means she might have been in cohorts with Ward, who double-crossed her to get to the gold. Fans also were also shocked to learn that Ward (and John B’s father) wasn’t actually dead, that he only faked his death to avoid arrest.

Also, it would be of great service if the second season would let viewers in on what is going on with JJ as the fan-favorite character was seen bleeding. Fans grew fond of JJ after they learned of his backstory with his non-existent mother and abusive father.

Viewers also want to know what John B and Sarah are up to as Sarah asked the protagonist not to do anything stupid. Given his track record, it seems John B might be up to no good yet again. Season 2 provided a lot of action, twists, and suspense, which kept fans engaged and entertained.

‘Outer Banks’ is a major Netflix hit

Season 1 of Outer Banks details the events in the coastal town along the Outer Banks of North California. The region has a stark divide between working-class locals nicknamed the Pogues, and the wealthy seasonal residents nicknamed the Kooks.

Outer Banks follows the protagonist John B, a Pogue from the town who seeks to find his missing father. He is joined by his fellow Pogue friends, JJ, Pope, and their Kook friend Kiara in the search, which leads them to a hunt for a legendary treasure worth $400 million in gold.

As the group of friends takes on the challenges that come their way, John B meets and falls in love with Sarah Cameron, a Kook whose family lives in the wealthier side of the town called the Figure Eight. His developing feelings for Sarah eventually leads John B to realize the difference in social classes in the city.

When the freshman season wrapped up, John B (and the viewers) learned that Sarah’s father, Ward Cameron, had some involvement in John B’s father’s death. The season ends with John B sailing away into a tropical storm with his lover Sarah in tow as they head to the Bahamas to search for the missing gold.

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