‘Outlander Season 6’: Jessica Reynolds Teases Episode 6 ‘Might Not Be the Last’ Time Fans See Malva Christie

Outlander Season 6 saw the arrival — and departure — of Malva Christie, played by Jessica Reynolds. She arrived on Fraser’s Ridge in the season 6 premiere, along with her father Tom (Mark Lewis Jones) and brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos). But in episode 6 “The World Turned Upside Down,” Claire (Caitriona Balfe) discovered Malva in her garden with her throat cut.

The mystery surrounding Malva’s death will continue to play out in the final two episodes of season 6. But despite her demise, Reynolds recently teased this “might not be the last” time fans see her character.

Outlander season 6 stars Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie) and Alexander Vlahos (Allan Christie)
Jessica Reynolds and Alexander Vlahos | Starz

Malva Christie turned villain in ‘Outlander’ Season 6

When Malva first arrived on Fraser’s Ridge, she was in awe of Claire and her medical practice, so she quickly volunteered to be her apprentice. But Malva’s circumstances — which have yet to be fully revealed on the Starz drama — caused her to turn villain in just a handful of episodes.

After spying on Claire and Jamie (Sam Heughan) making love — and having her own sexual experiences — Malva announced she was pregnant in episode 6. Using her knowledge of Jamie’s anatomy, she claimed he was the father. Which turned the Ridge against Jamie and Claire.

To make matters worse, Claire was under the influence of ether when she seemingly dreamt of threatening to kill Malva just before she found her body.

When she attempted to save Malva’s baby via emergency C-section, Claire was left covered in blood. These circumstances will have many people pointing at Claire as the alleged murderer.

Jessica Reynolds teases this ‘might not be the last’ time fans see Malva

Despite Malva’s death in episode 6, Reynolds says there’s a possibility fans will see her character again. She revealed that Malva could return in flashbacks or dream sequences because they filmed “some stuff” that has yet to be included in season 6.

“There could be some flashbacks, maybe some stuff we filmed,” the actress told Express. When asked by SheKnows about more Malva scenes, Reynolds added, “Yeah, there have been some filmed. [smiles] That may or may not come later. We just have to see.”

Reynolds also noted that Malva is ultimately a victim in this situation, and Outlander “really delves deep into the psychology of why she’s done these things.”

“If evil is beaten into someone at such a young age, and they’ve been convinced to believe that they are inherently bad and evil, there’s a likelihood that they are going to lash out and some awful things might happen,” Reynolds said.

The ‘Outlander’ star ‘loved’ getting slapped by Caitriona Balfe

Reynolds also talked about the scene where Malva announces her pregnancy and names Jamie as the father — which led to Malva getting slapped by Claire. The actress revealed that she “loved every moment of that” and thought the moment was “great.”

“I loved those bits because it’s so calculative and manipulative, but also sad, because [Malva] loves Claire. I believe she really does,” Reynolds said.

“And I think, you know, when she’s saying, ‘I’m sorry, we did this,’ it’s just like [covers her face], Oh, stop it, stop it! You don’t need to do this!’ But yeah, I love, I love. Caitriona’s just so brilliant, holding the audience with her and kind of sharing what’s going on in that brain.”

New episodes of Outlander air Sunday nights on Starz.

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