‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Just Dropped a Major Spoiler About Season 7

Outlander Season 7 is currently in production, and a few spoilers are starting to pop up online. Even star Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) is sharing hints about what fans can expect from the upcoming season — including one major tidbit. If you are an Outlander fan who dares to keep reading, consider yourself warned!

Outlander star Sam Hueghan as Jamie Fraser in a behind-the-scenes photo from shooting season 6 of the Start drama
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‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan says season 7 will pick up where season 6 left off

Because the pandemic and Caitriona Balfe’s (Claire Fraser) pregnancy cut season 6 down from 12 to just eight episodes, they weren’t able to get through all of Diana Gabaldon’s sixth book A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

This means that the final four planned episodes of season 6 will now open a super-sized season 7. And the story will pick up right where it left off — a cliffhanger that saw Claire and Jamie separated as she was facing trial for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

“We pick up shortly after with the end of last season, which is a great cliffhanger. America really is in a sort of turmoil. There’s revolution, and Jamie and Claire are separated, there’s also the prophecy of Jamie and Claire’s death, you know, that they’re supposed to die in a fire. There’s just so much going on,” Heughan told Us Weekly.

Yes, fans should finally get to see the fateful fire that prompted Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) to travel back in time to save Jamie and Claire. And questions should be answered about how their obituaries ended up in the local paper. 

Sam Heughan just dropped a major season 7 spoiler

Gabaldon actually penned the upcoming season 7 premiere, even though she didn’t know it at the time because it was supposed to be the ninth episode of season 6. Heughan says they really start the season off “with a bang” and the first couple episodes are “really strong.”

“I know there’s so much that we are still about to get to. Not only that you’ve got a lot of new characters coming in or characters that I think are anticipated by fans — including, of course, Jamie Fraser’s son — but a bunch of new characters as well,” Heughan noted.

After they finish the storyline from book six, they will move on to Gabaldon’s seventh book An Echo in the Bone. This means the return of fan-favorite character Lord John Grey (David Berry), and the American Revolution will finally get underway.

As for that major spoiler Heughan revealed — he just answered a major question from the season 6 finale cliffhanger.

The ‘Outlander’ star reveals Jamie will ‘save’ Claire

The season 6 finale saw Claire arrested by Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his men for Malva’s murder. Even though she is innocent — and was attempting to perform a C-section to save Malva’s baby — many of the locals at Fraser’s Ridge believe Claire is guilty.

When the season ended, she was forcibly separated from Jamie. And it wasn’t clear if he would get to Wilmington in time to save her. Well, Heughan has just revealed that his character does indeed make it in time.

“The whole finale was really fun to work on, it felt high action and it felt like western, the standoff and the shoot out,” Heughan said, per Express. “It leaves it on this positive note that at least Jamie’s now out there and he’s going to find her and save her.”

Outlander Season 7 will premiere on Starz in late 2022 or early 2023. 

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