‘Ozark’ Ending Reactions: ‘Great Series, but Unsatisfying Ending’

Ozark has always been one of the top and best-performing shows on Netflix. Focusing on Marty Byrde, a Chicago-based financial advisor who moves his family across the country to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel, the series has impressed audiences with its brilliant cast, intense storylines, and ability to make it all feel real. But the Ozark ending has left viewers seriously divided.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers from Ozark Season 4 Part 2.]

Julia Garner, who appeared in the 'Ozark' ending, poses as his character Ruth Langmore wearing a white dress with a surprised look on her face
Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore in an ‘Ozark’ ending scene | Tina Rowden/Netflix

The ‘Ozark’ ending was happy — but not for everyone

Ozark released its final episodes on Friday, April 29, picking up after Wyatt’s death by Javi Elizonndro. Ruth got revenge, just as she said she would, in the very first episode after luring Javi into a trap. But in doing so, she screwed herself.

Once Javi’s mother, Camila, found out Ruth had killed her son, Ruth’s death was inevitable. Marty and Wendy wanted to save her, but Camila had threatened to come after their family if they tried. Fans could only watch in horror as Camila cornered Ruth and killed her.

The Byrdes looked completely devastated as they arrived home. They were inside when they noticed their glass patio door was broken. They were surprised to see Mel Sattem outside, believing he had gone back to Chicago. Marty and Wendy had helped him get his job back in hopes that he would leave and stop investigating Ben’s death. But Mel couldn’t shake the mystery of what happened to Ben.

He explained how he finally figured it out and delivered a monologue that made it seem as if the Byrdes were going to go down, after all. But then Jonah Byrde came out with his shotgun and aimed at Mel and pulled the trigger. Now, with all the loose ends tied up, they could finally go back to Chicago.

Fan reactions to the ‘Ozark’ ending

After watching the episodes, fans took to websites such as Reddit to share their thoughts. While the reactions varied, it seems like the majority of viewers were upset by the way the show ended. Many took issue with things such as the pacing, the writing, plot devices like the car crash, and all of the side stories.

“I just canceled Netflix I can’t deal,” one Reddit comment said in part. “Once I saw the scene in the diner with the rapper cameo just No.”

“How can anyone be satisfied with this?” someone wrote in another Reddit thread. “All this buildup of a family divided and a car crash and apology makes Jonah decide he’s now team Wendy so he murders a guy trying to bring justice for Ben? Cheap.”

“Felt rushed and inorganic,” another reader agreed. “I’m not upset with Ruth dying. She killed a cartel drug lord. You usually don’t get away with something like that. But it just didn’t seem to flow very well. The car crash scene makes no sense to me either, unless they’re just trying to portray that somehow the Byrdes managed to get away with everything. Otherwise, wasted screen time. Great series, but unsatisfying ending.”

“I didn’t expect a happy ended by I also didn’t expect a stupid one,” read a fourth comment. “Why would the PI stay confront them about the remains? Why would Jonah suddenly become a murderer for a mother he despises? Why would Ruth willingly go up to a car she knows the cartel uses? For such a smart show, the ending seemed very slapped together.”

Users continued to complain in various other threads on Reddit, leaving thousands of comments in total.


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But not everyone had a negative opinion of the finale

At the same time, there were many who enjoyed the Ozark finale.

“I loved the ending,” wrote one Redditor. “The naysayers expected a fantasy show about the good and the bad …i am happy we got a realistic end, where the anti-heroes who wanted out, got out!”

“I don’t think the show could have ended any other way,” said another. “And while I thought the pacing of this latter half of the season was a bit rushed, I think it was in many ways intentional as the Byrds reached the end of their downward spiral. I think we needed to feel the desperation, urgency and loss of control that leads characters to make the kind of decisions that ultimately turn them into the very monsters that put them in those circumstances, and I think the pacing really helped accomplish that.”

“For a Netflix show it is nice to at least have an ending,” another Redditor mused.

If you haven’t already, check out Ozark on Netflix now. Then you can decide on the finale for yourself.