‘P-Valley’ Fans Are Here for Niecy Nash Appearing on Season 2

P-Valley may be new, but it’s already one of Starz’s most popular series. Released in 2020, the TV show follows the lives of several dancers at the Chucalissa, Mississippi nightclub The Pynk. P-Valley has attracted fans from all over the world with its gripping storyline and character performances — including actor Niecy Nash.

The Reno 911! star says she would even be down to make an appearance on the show, earning the stamp of approval from many P-Valley fans.

The women of 'P-Valley' in a scene at The Pynk
A scene from ‘P-Valley’ | Starz

Niecy Nash’s comments on ‘P-Valley’ are nothing but praise

P-Valley will begin shooting its second season in the coming months, actor Elarica Johnson previously told Inside Hollywood. The show notably left off with Autumn (Johnson) taking Montavius’ money and using it to save The Pynk, effectively making her and Uncle Clifford (Nico Annan) business partners.

As production on P-Valley Season 2 gets closer, Niecy Nash revealed in an interview with Page Six that she’s actually a big fan of the show. She added, “I would love to be on ‘P-Valley,’ I think it’s a great show.”

“I don’t necessarily have to be a stripper. For my significant other, it is her favorite show, so I would like to be on it just because of that,” she continued, referring to her wife, musician Jessica Betts, whom she married in August 2020.

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Fans weighed in, saying they would love to see Niecy Nash on ‘P-Valley’

Though there aren’t any apparent plans to bring her on the show, that hasn’t stopped fans from pushing for it. After catching wind of her comments, many took to social media and voiced their support for a possible Nash cameo on the show.

“If y’all watched Claws then y’all know this her tyype of scenery,” one fan wrote under The Neighborhood Talk’s re-post of Nash’s comments.

“Maybe as a guest for a short scene during an amateur night performance,” commented another.

“I can see her being related to Uncle Clifford or to Mercedes,” a third fan added. “Might just be a good fit.”

But other fans weren’t so sure about having her on the show.

“I hate when things become popular then they add big name actors. Keep it fresh!” one critic wrote.

“The not so quiet popular/new acts was great for the show,” a second person said.

It remains to be seen if Nash will be able to secure a role on the show. But she’s not the only one aiming for one. Previously, Cardi B tweeted she would love to be on P-Valley, earning the attention of creator Katori Hall. “Heeeeyyy @iamcardib! The doors of the Pynk are always open to you!! #PValley @PValleySTARZ #checkyodms,” she tweeted.

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Fans will see whether they make it on when the show returns with season 2. In the meantime, you can watch P-Valley now on Starz.