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P-Valley has turned into a TV sensation after just one season. Created by award-winning playwright Katori Hall, the TV show revolves around the staff of the Chucalissa, Mississippi strip club The Pynk. The series was so popular upon its premiere in July 2020 that it earned a renewal almost immediately. But, of course, it’s been a slow road to season 2 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As the wait continues, actor Brandee Evans shared some details about what to expect next. She teased in an interview that there’s a “variety” of plot points — some bad, some good, and some in between.

The women of 'P-Valley' in a scene at The Pynk
P-Valley | Starz

‘P-Valley’ Season 2 will have viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, says Brandee Evans

Evans opened up to GoldDerby about the show, which begins shooting its second season later in June. She mentioned that it’s going to dive into some pretty heavy stuff, though there are also some bright moments. “You’re going to be mad, you’re going to be happy, you’re going to be sad, but it’s going to be a wonderful variety,” she explained.

“It is a roller coaster ride,” Evans added, explaining that her character Mercedes particularly faces a lot of life upheaval next season. “You are about to see Mercedes go on a different type of journey. Some things that you wouldn’t expect from her, you might see from her this season, so that’s a little hint.”

“In episode three, I read something and just like last season, I was in my living room crying,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Mercedes is going through it,’ so I think she’s going through it even more this season. Katori has put her on some type of journey, chile, so this is going to be very interesting. If I’m already feeling this in episodes one, two, three, I can only imagine what’s going to happen when we get to 10.”

Fans will also get to see more into the lives of certain characters

Going on, Evans said the second season of P-Valley will also offer a closer look into the lives of some of its characters. “It’s even more prevalent in season two that you can see that this is way beyond these ladies being naked and showing their bodies and being on a pole,” she said. “You’re going to see a lot of things that happen outside the club this season, making it humanizing as well, because everyone has a life when they go home from their job and so do these women and these men in the club as well.”


‘P-Valley’ Season 2: When Does It Come Out?

Remember, P-Valley Season 1 ended with the apparent death of Montavius. Autumn (Elarica Johnson) then used his money to save The Pynk from being auctioned off, effectively making her and Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) business partners. It’s easy to think they’ll work well as partners considering how close they became last season, but Hall previously said there will be a power struggle between Autumn and Uncle Clifford.

She also told Entertainment Weekly that the second season will find Mercedes struggling with how to move forward in life. “Will she be able to get her dance studio and custody of her daughter? Will she ever conquer her pimp-turned-pastor mother? Only time will tell,” Hall teased.

As of writing, there’s no official release date for P-Valley Season 2, but we’ll let you know when there’s an update.