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There are a lot of things The Clone Wars did correctly. For one, it exists. It adds a detailed extension of stories to the gap between Attack of The Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It really makes sense of the war and what the conflict is about. And, of course, it adds a great cast of characters in addition to the established ones we have from the movies. It even makes those characters more developed as well. The script is fantastic, and one of those instances, where an existing character is written better, is with Padmé Amidala. 

George Lucas’ characterization of her and her dialogue got lazier as the prequels went on. She started out as the youngest queen in Naboo’s history, who was really good at her job of governing an adoring public. Then she became a senator and… then the writing fell off. But The Clone Wars picks up that slack. And with it, creates a special bond between Padmé and Ahsoka. 

Padmé and Ahsoka hug before they leave for Alderaan in Season 3 of 'The Clone Wars.'
Padmé and Ahsoka hug before they leave for Alderaan in Season 3 of ‘The Clone Wars’ | Lucasfilm

Ahsoka is always looking out for Padmé

Even though Ahsoka is the younger of the two — just 14 when she first becomes Anakin’s Padawan and about 17 by the time she leaves the order — she is a Jedi. And she is always ready to go to bat for Padmé.

Of course, it’s her duty to protect those around her, but Ahsoka is particularly protective of the senator. Padmé spends a lot more time around Ahsoka than others outside the Order because she’s so close to Anakin, and the two women bond. In Season 3, Ahsoka has visions about Padmé being killed, and she stops at nothing to save her, even if her hunches are a little off.

Padmé is a great teacher

Even though her political prowess isn’t fully on display in the prequels, Padmé is an influential senator. The Clone Wars shows just how hard she works and how vocal she is in the Republic’s government. And even though Ahsoka finds politics to be a bit bland, Padmé doesn’t waste opportunities to teach her more about politics and beyond. 

Also in Season 3, Ahsoka gets a taste of how others live on the opposite side of the war thanks to Amidala. Ahsoka was fighting on the front lines, seeing death and destruction by Separatists droids first-hand, so she was understandably biased. But with Padmé’s help, she was able to look beyond that. 

In the same episode in the third season where Ahsoka is trying to stop Padmé from being assassinated, Padmé shows off one of her best big sister moments. When Ahsoka is feeling insecure about stepping out on her own mission without Anakin, Padmé gives her a little advice. Even admitting she felt a similar way when she was Queen of Naboo. “I’ve learned to trust in myself, and you will too,” she tells the younger girl.

Ahsoka had a hunch about Padmé and Anakin’s relationship but never said anything

And if you’re wondering if Ahsoka had any hunches about Padmé and Anakin’s relationship, she definitely did. Ahsoka, of course, spent a lot of time with both of them, and so her suspecting something was sort of a no-brainer. Plus, they weren’t all that great about keeping it a secret in the show.

It was confirmed Ahsoka knew they were a couple in the Forces of Destiney episode “Unexpected Company.” While she didn’t know they were married, her knowing looks and comment to Padmé about her and Anakin making a great team show she knew they were more than just friends. That puts a whole new meaning behind her words “I know,” when Anakin tells her he wants to leave the Jedi Order sometimes too. 

Whether you’re a fan of Ahsoka or Padmé, there’s no denying that the two make a great team and form a strong bond throughout the show.