‘Pam & Tommy’: Pamela Anderson Reportedly Refuses to Watch the Show: ‘Not Even the Trailer’

Based on a true story, Hulu TV miniseries Pam & Tommy revolves around newlyweds Pamela Anderson, a star on Baywatch at the time, and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee as they realize a former worker stole their private sex tape and released it online. Cinderella star Lily James starred as Anderson but the Playboy cover model apparently never responded to the star as she refuses to have anything to do with the show. She also reportedly won’t watch it, “not even the trailer.”

Pamela Anderson smiling as she attends the amfAR Cannes Gala 2019
Actor Pamela Anderson | Ryan Emberley/amfAR/Getty Images

‘Pam & Tommy’ was made without Pamela Anderson’s permission

Hulu’s Pam & Tommy details disgruntled electrician Rand Gauthier, who Tommy Lee failed to pay for repairs on his house, as he stole their safe and began selling their sex tape he found inside online.

The events affect the recently married couple as they attempt to focus on their careers and start a family. Lily James portrays Pamela Anderson in the biographical miniseries but didn’t receive any direction from the Baywatch star herself as Anderson reportedly never responded.

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On the other hand, Lee talked to Sebastian Stan, who portrayed him in the show.

Despite the actor not wanting anything to do with the project, the producers bought the exclusive right to a 2014 Rolling Stone article, “Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape” by Amanda Chicago Lewis, giving them the ability to develop the black comedy without her permission.

Pamela Anderson reportedly isn’t interested in ever watching the show

A source close to Anderson’s camp commented on the miniseries to Entertainment Weekly, claiming the model would “never, never watch” the show. “Not even the trailer,” they added.

They seemingly confirmed James’ claims that Anderson never responded to her by noting producers contacted the 54-year-old several times before filming began and after it concluded.

However, the Home Improvement actor refuses to have anything to do with it, regardless of the involvement from her ex-husband.

While the source, who identified themselves as a friend of the actor, is glad the show clarifies the tape was stolen and not leaked by the couple, they also didn’t appreciate how the docuseries went about it.

A source says Pamela Anderson isn’t as ‘meek’ as ‘Pam & Tommy’ portrayed

“Imagine if a celebrity today had their nudes leaked and then Hollywood recreated not just the crime but the actual nudes,” the insider explained. “It would never happen.”

The source then pointed out how Pam & Tommy re-enacted parts of the sex tape for the show, calling it “the most damning aspect.” When shots from the set began circulating the internet, rumors swirled that Anderson had negative things to say about James.

However, the friend insists the Canadian native “never commented” on the actor’s appearance.

When it comes to James’ performance, the source claimed the Playboy star isn’t as “meek” as a scene portrayed in the show in which Pamela’s character seemed uncertain when speaking up on the Baywatch set, insisting she was never a “shrinking violet.” The first four episodes of Pam & Tommy are available to stream on Hulu. The final two air on February 16 and February 23, respectively.

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