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Pamela Anderson was one of the most famous stars of the 1990s. She appeared on the hit show Baywatch as well as on numerous magazine covers. Anderson’s tumultuous life also attracted much media attention.

Now Anderson is talking about her story from her own perspective with a Netflix documentary and a memoir that she worked on tirelessly herself.

What fans can expect from Pamela Anderson’s documentary and memoir

Pamela Anderson poses for a photo in front of a backdrop featuring the logo for The Howard Stern Show
Pamela Anderson visits SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” I Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Anderson is releasing a documentary with Netflix. Called Pamela, A Love Story, the film is a raw look at Anderson’s life. It includes never-before-seen private home movies, photographs, and journal entries that Anderson decided to share.

“From the very beginning, she was, ‘You can ask me anything. I will talk about anything. I will be nothing but honest with you about it all,’” filmmaker Ryan White told Vanity Fair.

He added, “Pamela, by nature, is an incredibly open and honest person. That’s perhaps why Pamela’s gotten burned a lot in her life, but I also think it’s what’s so lovable and infectious about her.”

In addition to the documentary, Anderson is also releasing a memoir. The book, called Love, Pamela, will talk about her life story in her own words.

“I repainted scenes in detail if it were my childhood or at the Playboy mansion… Just one girl’s messy life…A celebration—of imperfections,” she wrote on Instagram (via Glamour). “The book is a unpolished attempt. I had no co-writer.…My life—as a mother, as an activist, and as an actress. I am so proud of this book.”

Why the star didn’t want help with ‘Love, Pamela’

While Anderson’s documentary had some help from White and others, Anderson was adamant to make her memoir as authentic to herself as possible.

“It just was really important to me that I wrote it myself,” she told People. “And that’s what I kept telling the publisher, too. ‘I’ve gotta do this myself. I don’t want any input. I don’t want any words from anybody else.’”

Anderson added, “Words are really important to me and important to anybody. I mean, words are like spells. I wanted to make sure it was from the heart.”

She reiterated that she is “really proud” of the finished product.

“I really learned how to write a book,” she said.

Pamela Anderson’s sons encouraged her to tell her story


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Behind Anderson are her supportive family members. She revealed that her sons, Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee, were the ones who encouraged her to share her story.

“They adore their mother and really hate seeing her story being told by other people in a way that they don’t feel is authentic to who she is,” White told Vanity Fair.

Anderson also explained, “Brandon can talk me into anything with his sincere heart and a fierceness that only a son could have. He wanted to tell my story, authentically and without distortion.”