‘Parenthood’ Fans Were Convinced Crosby Wouldn’t Make It to the End of the Series

Few shows have been able to capture the difficulty and beauty of being a parent and part of a large family like NBC’s Parenthood, and the show had its fair share of drama and twists that kept fans coming back for more. The show wrapped up in 2015, and most fans were completely satisfied with the ending. Many fans had various theories about how the beloved show Parenthood would end, including the demise of one of the most beloved characters. 

Learn more about the show Parenthood, its cast, and why fans didn’t think one of the main characters would make it to the end of the show. If you haven’t yet finished the series, read with caution as there are some spoilers below. 

What is ‘Parenthood’?

Parenthood is an American dramatic comedy series that aired on NBC from 2010-2015 over six seasons. The show follows the story of four middle-aged Braverman siblings navigating parenting, as well as the relationship of their older parents. Each Braverman sibling has their own child or children, and all live in Berkeley, California. 

The show starts off with the oldest Braverman sibling, Adam, and his wife Kristina discovering that their son Max has Asperger’s syndrome. The couple also has a high-achieving daughter, Haddie. Sarah Braverman has two teenaged kids, Amber and Drew, and she is divorced from their father, Seth. Crosby Braverman’s bachelor lifestyle is suddenly turned upside down when he discovers he has a five-year-old son with a previous fling, and he faces many challenges when trying to forge a relationship with his child. Julia Braverman is a driven lawyer and is married to Joel Graham, the father of their five-year-old daughter Sydney. 

The Braverman siblings’ parents, Camille and Zeek, are in their 60s, and they grapple with various relationship issues that have accumulated in their 40 plus years of marriage.

The show was met with much enthusiasm for its realistic portrayal of the difficulties that come with raising children, romantic relationships, and family struggles. According to IMDb, Parenthood received numerous nominations and awards, eventually winning a Critics’ Choice Television Award, four Young Artist Awards, and more. 

Who was in the show?

One of the reasons Parenthood tells such a compelling story is thanks to its all-star cast, including Craig T. Nelson as Zeek, Bonnie Bedelia as Camille, Peter Krause as Adam, Lauren Graham as Sarah, and Dax Shepherd as Crosby. Many fans enjoyed the chemistry shared by the actors on screen, truly making the Bravermans feel like a real family. 

Some of the cast members were well known before their role on Parenthood, but the show served as a springboard for the careers of other actors, especially the youngest cast members. Mae Whitman, who plays Amber, and Miles Heizer, who portrays Drew, have both continued to act and take on larger roles in other movies and television shows. 

Fans were concerned about the fate of Crosby

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

One of the most popular characters in the show, Crosby Braverman, is charming, funny, and carries a badboy persona, though he also clearly has a heart of gold. Some fans were concerned that he wouldn’t make it to the end of the series due to his frequent reckless and erratic behavior. According to HuffPost, many took to Reddit to express their theories that Crosby would meet his demise toward the end of the series for an ultimate plot-twist. 

One redditor stated, “First they show [Crosby] getting into a motorcycle accident as Zeek was in surgery and then tonight we see him drive off without a helmet. I’m going to cry just thinking about it.”

Those who adore Crosby, they likely breathed a collective sigh of relief during the series finale, as Crosby emerged unscathed. You can stream Parenthood on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. 

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