Paris Hilton Explains What ‘Sliving’ Means — ‘It’s My New Word’

Paris Hilton is one of the world’s all-time iconic celebrities, a woman who is often credited for launching the popularity of social media influencers. For two decades, Hilton has been squarely in the spotlight, able to weather any scandal, all while she works on her own brand.

Hilton was born into a wealthy family but has not been content to rest on her laurels, launching dozens of product lines and creating a merchandising empire that is unlike any other. Hilton is also responsible for the catchphrase “that’s hot” — and in a recent interview with “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans, the celebrity revealed that these days, she has a new favorite phrase. 

Paris Hilton is one of the world’s great ‘it girls’

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton attends 21st Annual Post Golden Globes After Party | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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Hilton first rose to fame in the early 2000s, after becoming a popular model. Hilton’s unique looks and devil-may-care attitude became synonymous with the mentality and culture of the time, and by 2003, she was one of the biggest stars in the world. Her infamous sex tape only served to solidify her status as an entertainment icon, as did her reality TV series The Simple Life.

Hilton has often been a subject of controversy, with many critics claiming that the heiress is famous for doing nothing at all. Still, there’s no doubt that Hilton has done a lot to create the culture of celebrity that exists now, and for better or worse, she’s managed to constantly reinvent herself, year after year. 

Paris Hilton’s iconic ‘that’s hot’ catchphrase

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In the early days of her fame, many fans got to know Hilton as the reality star who said things like “That’s hot” in reference to anything that she found cool or appealing. The phrase not only became closely associated with Hilton, but the heiress ultimately went on to trademark the term, with “That’s hot” appearing on everything from cups to T-shirts in the star’s product lines.

About the phrase, Hilton has said that she actually stole it from her sister, Nicky Hilton: “I started making shirts that said, ‘That’s hot,’ and on the back they said, ‘You’re not.’ It was cute. ‘That’s hot’ was something that my sister always used to say, but I trademarked it and I own it. Sorry, Nicky.”

While Hilton still uses the expression, these days, she has a brand-new word that she is obsessing over, and has brought up in multiple interviews. 

What did Paris Hilton say about her new ‘sliving’ term?

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In a recent appearance on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones,” Hilton opened up about the origin and meaning of her new word — “sliving.” As she revealed to Sean Evans on the program, Hilton said that “sliving” is “my new word…it stands for slaying and living your best life.”

Her interview with Evans wasn’t the first time that the heiress has talked about her favorite new term. In a 2019 interview, she talked about the word “sliving” as something meant to represent “killing it and slaying in one word.”

More recently, Hilton has even launched an exclusive line of merchandise featuring the word, including face masks, T-shirts, and snapback hats. While it seems unlikely that “sliving” will ever fully replace “That’s hot” with Hilton’s fans, it is definitely a term that has gotten an extreme amount of attention over the past year.