Paris Hilton Felt ‘So Much Pain’ In Entertainment Industry for ‘Feeling Like a Punchline’

The vast majority of the public has at least heard the name Paris Hilton before, though many don’t actually know who she is or anything about her career. Paris Hilton has been in the spotlight from a young age, and she endured plenty of harsh criticisms and negative portrayals all over the media. She recently did an interview with Hot Ones, where she expressed that she felt “so much pain” in the entertainment industry. Keep reading to learn more about who Paris Hilton is, her career trajectory, and her interview with Hot Ones. 

Paris Hilton is the original influencer

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton attends 21st Annual Post Golden Globes After Party | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, Paris Hilton was born into enormous wealth. Typically, that is the only thing people know about her.

Paris Hilton began modeling as a child for charity events in the 1990s, but her modeling career really took off at age 19. In 2000, she was featured in Vanity Fair. From there, she sprung to superstar status quickly. 

In 2003, Paris Hilton and fellow socialite Nicole Richie starred in a show called The Simple Life, where these two elite celebrities lived with a rural family in Alaska for a month. The show was an instant success, and it made Paris Hilton even more famous than she was before. This show is where she truly became known cruelly as a “dumb blonde,” and this has proven to be a difficult characterization for her to break free from. 

Paris Hilton is often dubbed the “original influencer,” and many remark that she is “famous for being famous.” But there’s no denying she’s a savvy businesswoman too.  

‘This is Paris’ is a documentary that disclosed Paris Hilton’s personal life

In 2020, Paris Hilton was the subject of a YouTube documentary that covered many intimate parts of her life not previously revealed to the public. She discussed the abuse she suffered when attending a boarding school as a teen.

She broke down her efforts to redefine herself. Paris Hilton commented in an article with Variety: “I feel that I’ve grown up so much, especially in the past year,” and that, “Doing this film, I just had so many realizations and realized who I truly am and why I am the way I am.”

This documentary changed many people’s views on who she is as a person, and it has largely made more people view her with an empathetic lens. 

Paris Hilton’s eats hot wings and answers questions


Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton on Miley Cyrus’ Talk Show: Did They Spill on ‘The Simple Life’ Days?

For those unfamiliar with Hot Ones, this is a show where celebrities participate in an interview while they eat increasingly spicy hot wings. It’s often hilarious and emotional at the same time.

Paris Hilton played along in March 2021, donning bedazzled fingerless gloves as she ate wings with sauces of various Scoville scores. Despite how the public may have perceived Hilton in the past, she appeared humble, well-spoken, and intelligent in this chat, making it clear that she isn’t the same person the paparazzi vilified in the early 2000’s. 

Paris Hilton talks about her career as a DJ, scams that occur in the club, weird pitches she has endured for her business ventures, and finally, how hard it was to be in the spotlight when she was younger. When asked about the recent changes in how the media treats young women, Hilton expresses relief and gratitude that many have acknowledged the mistakes they have made when covering her and similar celebrities like Britney Spears. 

“Ever since I got into this industry as a teenager, I just felt so much pain for a long time. Just feeling like a punchline to so many jokes for people,” she remarked. “Now, to finally hear people seeing how wrong it is and apologizing is just an amazing feeling.”