Paris Hilton’s Biggest Splurge Is a $320,000 Dog House for Her Canines

Celebrities aren’t exactly known for being modest with their earnings — at least, the ones who are modest aren’t the ones making headlines. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is one of the not-so-modest ones. Hilton has earned her living and then some from her stints in reality TV, fashion, and music. She has so much expendable money that she spends a good chunk of it spoiling her dogs. Her biggest splurge for them? Their own mansion right next to hers. Hilton reportedly spent over $300,000 building them their own dog mansion. 

How did Paris Hilton earn her money?

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Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Being born into a wealthy family has certainly helped Paris rise to her current level of success, but she has earned a lot of her money from outside of the family obligations. 

Hilton was signed as a model in her teens by the Donald-Trump-owned Trump Model Management. She gained notoriety at New York Fashion Week and soon joined the high-end party scene, alongside the likes of Ivanka Trump, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian. The paparazzi helped grow her fame over these years, giving her more and more tabloid attention.

She later made her way to TV with Fox’s The Simple Life, where she co-starred with Richie. The Simple Life opened up even more doors for Hilton. She started a fragrance line, her own clothing stores, fashion lines (for humans and dogs), made appearances at red carpet events, and started a DJ career.

What is Paris Hilton’s net worth?

Paris Hilton
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The Hiltons in Paris’s generation all received about $2 million each in inheritance after the death of her grandfather, who donated the vast majority of his wealth to charity. While that sounds like a ton of money, it was actually significantly less than what was expected. That wasn’t much of a problem for Paris, however. Hilton’s rise into stardom over the years has granted her plenty of wealth herself. It’s estimated that her net worth is around $300 million. And she’s not even 40 yet. 

Paris Hilton bought her dogs a mansion

Not known for subtlety, Hilton splurges in every area of her life — including her pets. Hilton built her five dogs their own doghouse… But not a normal doghouse. She spent a reported $320,000 on a mansion for her dogs. Modeled after her own home, the dog mansion consists of two floors, heating and air conditioning, a staircase, a closet for their clothes, furniture, a balcony, crown molding, and a chandelier. It’s safe to say these dogs are living lives of luxury.

Perched next to her in-ground pool, the dog mansion is built in a Spanish colonial style that Hilton says is a replica of her own home. The interior is all pink with black accents, showing off Hilton’s own style, and has a black wrought-iron fence around the perimeter to keep her dogs on the property. 

This isn’t the first act of pet love Hilton has shown. She owns at least five dogs and two cats, and has had plenty of other animals cycle in and out throughout her time in the spotlight. She partners with nail polish company Nail & Bone, which donates a portion of all of its sales to charities helping find homeless animals a home. Her pets even have their own Instagram account. It’s clear that these dogs don’t have any idea how good of a life they’re living, but Hilton is sure to continue spoiling them for the rest of their days. Admit it — we’re all sort of wishing we were one of Paris Hilton’s dogs.