Paris Hilton’s Controversial Vote For Trump Is Facing New Criticism

Whenever you think about Paris Hilton, you immediately think of controversy and reality TV shows. For years, Paris Hilton has played the part of the dumb blonde with seemingly little effort. She has graced the covers of different tabloids for the wrong reasons.

However, her new documentary This is Paris has shown us that we know nothing about the 39-year-old heiress. The documentary has given fans of the socialite a fresh set of eyes into her personal life and struggles. Despite the praise, not everyone is happy about the documentary and what it has brought out about Hilton, specifically whom she voted for.

Paris Hilton smiling in front of a white background
Paris Hilton | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

‘This is Paris’ gives viewers a different look into who Hilton is

On September 14, 2020, Paris Hilton released her new documentary called This is Paris as a YouTube Originals documentary. This is Paris shows how the heiress continues to expand her empire globally and runs her businesses.

It also gave viewers a more intimate never-before-seen side of Hilton. The documentary details how Hilton experienced childhood trauma, which has played a significant role in who she is today. According to Refinery 29, Hilton was physically and emotionally abused when she was a teenager.

The abuse occurred while attending the Provo Canyon School in Utah and has haunted Hilton for most of her life. The 39-year-old notes that the experience ultimately affected her ability to trust those around her, including her friends and family. Hilton breaks down how she played the character of a dumb blonde to avoid her past and because she felt that was what people liked to see.

The documentary was directed by Emmy award-winning director Alexandra Dean who has also directed various other documentaries such as Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story about the titular 1940’s inventor and glamour icon.

The documentary has received critical acclaim

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In more recent times, documentaries have become an outlet for many celebrities to showcase a different side. Katy Perry, for example, released her 2012 documentary called Katy Perry: Part of Me detailing her work ethic and tour, and Taylor Swift released her Netflix documentary Miss Americana, which received critical praise.

Hilton’s documentary has been received well, with many praising her bravery for coming out with such a bold film showing her otherwise private life. Most of her fans couldn’t believe that someone as wealthy as Hilton went through what she did. Many felt that the documentary changed their view on Hilton’s made-up media persona.

This is Paris has also gotten Hilton additional press, with many now viewing her in a different light than before. However, the popularity of the documentary has resurfaced some of Hilton’s controversial past moves.

Hilton’s vote for Trump has received new criticism in the general public

Among the things that Hilton shares in her life story was her decision to vote for Trump. According to USA Today, Hilton’s vote for the president was purely out of family ties, and many people are not having it.

When asked why she voted for Trump, the businesswoman laughed and said that she’d known the president since she was a teenager, and it, therefore, felt like the right thing to do. The interviewer also went ahead to ask if she would run for president herself, to which she replied with a laugh stating that she liked the idea.

Many people, however, haven’t taken Hilton’s decision and sentiments lightly. Twitter went into an uproar after the documentary came out, with many noting that her decision was made from the point of privilege and not critical thinking. Many Twitter users noted that voting for someone as harmful as Trump only due to family friendship ties was utterly unreasonable.

‘This is Paris’ is available on Paris Hilton’s YouTube channel and can be streamed without ads with a YouTube Premium subscription.