Paris Hilton’s Workout Regimen Includes Lifting Louis Vuitton Bags

If you’ve been active on any form of social media over the past few months, you’ve probably seen many celebrities post their at-home workout routines for fans to follow during the quarantine. Recently, socialite Paris Hilton joined the fitness craze by posting a TikTok outlining her own regime, but her video didn’t exactly fit in with the others.

The Simple Life of an American socialite

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As the granddaughter of hotel mogul Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton was guaranteed to live in the public eye. After signing with Donald Trump’s modeling agency at 17-years-old, she was considered New York City’s “It Girl” in 2001.

She gained even more tabloid popularity after a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, was released in 2003. That same year, the hit series The Simple Life, in which Hilton starred alongside Nicole Richie, began its 5-year run on FOX.

Throughout her career in the spotlight, Hilton has dabbled in writing, acting, design, and even singing. Her autobiography, Confessions of an Heiress, was released in 2004 and quickly became a New York Times Best Seller. Shortly after, she starred in the horror film House of Wax and released her debut album Paris.

Over the past decade, the heiress has made fewer television and film appearances to focus more on her career as a DJ. However, Hilton branched out again in 2018 when she produced the Netflix documentary The American Meme; the film follows four social media personalities, including herself, and depicts the unseen, darker side of fame.

Her quarantine fitness routine embodies ‘sliving’

Over the years, Hilton has stayed very active on social media, with millions of followers on her Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. In 2019, Hilton coined the phrase ‘sliving’, which defines as a slang term that blends the ‘slaying’ and ‘living’ — “A person is sliving when they are glamorously successful, self-empowered, and fulfilled.”

The slang term took off and fans can even purchase merchandise featuring the phrase. Hilton showed fans how she embodies the ‘sliving’ lifestyle in her iconic workout tutorial.

In a recent TikTok video, Hilton shows fans “8 easy exercises to stay hot while you’re staying home.” The regime included many of your typical exercises, like push-ups and cycling, but with a lavish twist.

For example, the first exercise on the list is hammer curls, but she doesn’t use dumbbells like the rest of us; Hilton prefers to lift designer handbags. The two bags featured in the video are Louis Vuitton “Alma” bags — a pink patent version originally selling for $3,100 and a gold one worth $4,500.

Fans react to Paris’ fancy fitness tutorial

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton | Getty Images

Hilton’s fitness video served as her first post on the TikTok platform in over a year. Many users praised the socialite with comments such as: “Thank you Paris […] I didn’t plan to move out of my bed until you posted a workout routine” and “it’s your world Paris, we’re just living in it.”

Others acknowledged the satirical nature of the video commenting things like: “I have $6.27 in my checking account [Paris] but thx” and “Girl, I’m too poor for this.” — But the overwhelming majority of fans loved the video and praised Paris for her luxury fitness routine.

While Hilton’s fitness routine may be slightly excessive, her idea is not completely crazy. Since many gyms and workout studios are currently closed, experts are encouraging people to use household items in place of normal equipment. promotes you to use things like beer bottles or heavy books in place of weights. But we must say, we’re jealous of Paris’ replacement choices.

While most of us are not able to recreate her iconic workout, everyone can practice ‘sliving’ in other aspects of life.