Patrick Mahomes Describes His Daughter Sterling’s First Trip to See Santa and Who She Was Terrified Of

It’s that time of year when children everywhere are getting to meet Santa Claus ahead of Christmas and that includes Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ daughter Sterling.

The NFL star, who recently welcomed a son as well with his wife Brittany Mahomes, detailed his daughter‘s meeting with Santa and who frightened her.

Patrick Mahomes, who has spoken a lot about fatherhood, kisses his daughter Sterling before the game against the Los Angeles Chargers
Patrick Mahomes kisses his daughter Sterling before a game against the Los Angeles Chargers | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

What Santa got Sterling got for her first Christmas

Last year, Patrick talked about his first Christmas having Sterling and what gifts Santa brought for her.

“Sterling, I don’t think she understood what Christmas was yet, but she understood she got a lot of toys,” the signal-caller stated. “She was playing with literally everything. It was fun to see her do that.”

The athlete added that Sterling got Power Wheels from Santa.

“You can control it through a little remote control, too. I think it’s a bad sign for me that she’s already getting a black Lamborghini,” he joked. “Brittany’s already putting it in her head.” 

Sterling got another gift she really enjoyed as well just before the holiday. Brittany took to her Instagram Stories and posted about the one Christmas present they allowed their daughter to open early. She shared a clip of Sterling wearing a Christmas-themed onesie while trying to open a present before she got a little help from her mom.

“Someone got an early Christmas present today. And that’s her ‘help me’ mama cry,” Brittany said. The next slide showed Sterling playing with cups, which prompted her mom to write: “I think she loves it? Stackable cups have been her fav.” 

Who ‘terrified’ Patrick’s daughter during her visit with Santa this year

This year Sterling got to meet St. Nick in person at a Christmas party. During his weekly guest spot on Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio Kansas City‘s show The Drive Patrick spoke about how cool that experience was. But while his little girl wasn’t scared of Santa, there was someone who “terrified” her.

“It was awesome, man. We got to do it at the Chiefs’ Christmas party, which is always a great event for us,” Patrick told the show host. “[Sterling] wasn’t too scared of Santa, but she was terrified of Wolfie, the mascot. So we have to make sure we keep him away from her until she gets older … He has a lot of energy, too, and she’s a very calm baby. I don’t know if they mix right now.” 

Patrick revealed what his first Christmas with Brittany’s family was like

Patrick Mahomes II and Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes II and Brittany Matthews | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Maxim

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Speaking of terrified, some people describe the holidays that way when they have to meet and spend time with their significant other’s family for the first time. Patrick previously revealed on the radio program what he was feeling during his first Christmas with Brittany’s family.

“Man, that was back in high school … I had to go to her family’s and she came to mine,” he recalled. “I think at that point we’d been dating for a couple of months so just normal kids showing up at the family dinner type stuff being nervous and everything.”

The quarterback added that it was so nerve-racking and similar to the movie Four Christmases as he and his future wife “had to go to each one of our family members’ Christmas parties and spent the whole day going from house to house trying to make sure that we saw everybody.”