Paul Bettany Responds to Rumors Claiming Vision Is in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

The closer we get to the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiere, the more rumors regarding cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film filter around the internet. For example, many fans hope that Paul Bettany will appear as Vision in Doctor Strange 2. And the actor has a response to those rumors, but we’re sure that fans will not be satisfied with Bettany’s answer.

Paul Bettany, in character as White Vision, who might appear in 'Doctor Strange 2,' wears his all-white Vision suit in 'WandaVision.'
Paul Bettany as White Vision | Marvel Studios

What happened to Vision in ‘WandaVision’?

Thanos murdered Vision to get possession of the Mind Stone in Avengers: Infinity War. But Vision could still appear in Doctor Strange 2, thanks to the events of WandaVision.

Wanda Maximoff, in a fit of immense grief, accidentally tapped into her powers as the Scarlet Witch and created a new reality in the town of Westview. She also used the part of the Mind Stone that lives inside of her to manifest a new version of Vision. Unfortunately, this Vision could only exist within the town limits. If he were to try to leave, he would get torn apart.

Toward the end of WandaVision, fans learned that S.W.O.R.D. reassembled Vision’s original body and brought him back online. This version of the android, called White Vision, had no memories of his former life as an Avenger.

In the WandaVision finale, Hayward ordered White Vision to kill Wanda, but Westview Vision stopped him. They fought throughout the city, but Westview Vision restored his counterpart’s memories. Afterward, White Vision left Westview, and the other Vision ceased to exist when Wanda freed Westview.

So White Vision is currently out and about in the MCU, meaning that he could reunite with Wanda in Doctor Strange 2.

Paul Bettany doesn’t give a clear answer regarding Vision being in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Paul Bettany and Claire Foy appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss their miniseries, A Very British Scandal. But Stephen Colbert managed to slip in a question regarding Vision and Doctor Strange 2.

The host asked, “The new Doctor Strange is coming out. Wanda’s in that. Have you recently been in spandex and painted white?”

“This is a really great question,” Bettany answered. “And, again, I said I was going to be entirely honest with you … Am I in Doctor Strange 2? Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. I don’t know. Am I? What do you think? I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I am in said aforementioned Doctor Strange 2.”

Of course, Bettany didn’t admit that Vision is in Doctor Strange 2. But given that Wanda is one of the main characters in the Doctor Strange sequel and that her and Vision’s kids, Billy and Tommy, appeared in the trailer, maybe Bettany is in the movie.

Will Paul Bettany play Vision again even if he’s not in ‘Doctor Strange 2’?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paul Bettany addressed his future as Vision in the MCU.

When asked if fans would see Vision again, Bettany jokingly responded, “Absolutely not! Not for any kind of money at all. I can’t even think of a figure.”

More seriously, the actor said, “No, the honest answer to that is — well, maybe it’s not the honest answer, but it’s the answer I’m going to give you, and you’ll just have to cope with it — at the end of WandaVision, you see Vision fly off, and that’s a loose end. And Kevin Feige is a man who doesn’t really allow loose ends. So I assume at some point I will be putting on my tights and cloak for another outing, but I don’t know when that might be.”

Perhaps Vision isn’t in Doctor Strange 2, but fans will likely see Bettany in the MCU sooner rather than later.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres exclusively in theaters on May 6.

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