Paul McCartney: This 1990s Band Inspired by The Beatles Meant ‘Nothing’ to Him

During an interview, Paul McCartney said a famous band inspired by The Beatles meant “nothing” to him. However, he later said some complimentary things about the popular band. While he praised their music, Paul felt the band made a major mistake that was a “kiss of death” for them.

The Beatles' Paul McCartney sitting on a chair near a striped wall
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1960s nostalgia was prevalent in the 1990s. The world saw the release of the first two Austin Powers movies, Gus Van Sant remade Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and Santana became a major force on the pop charts again. With all this 1960s nostalgia permeating popular culture, it was a perfect time for a band inspired by The Beatles to become prominent.

The Irish Times reports Oasis was heavily influenced by The Beatles — and that’s been very obvious to many fans of both bands. However, Paul wasn’t a fan. “They’re derivative and they think too much of themselves,” he opined. “They mean nothing to me.”

“Don’t Look Back in Anger”

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However, NME reports he later said Oasis was a band that made good songs who made a major mistake. “Oasis were young, fresh and writing good tunes,” Paul opined. “I thought the biggest mistake they made was when they said ‘We’re going to be bigger than The Beatles.’ I thought ‘So many people have said that, and it’s the kiss of death.’ Be bigger than The Beatles, but don’t say it. The minute you say it, everything you do from then on is going to be looked at in the light of that statement.”

Paul McCartney has some advice for Liam and Noel Gallagher from Oasis

According to Rolling Stone, Paul has some advice for Oasis’ Liam and Noel Gallagher: reunite. “I don’t know if they will ever make up,” Paul said. “It would be good because I think everyone likes brothers to like each other — and make up. It’s a pity because they are very good together. Like many brothers, they are crazy. But it would be nice if they got together.”

How Oasis’ success compared to that of The Beatles in the United States

While Oasis seem to have Paul’s endorsement, they were never nearly as successful as The Beatles in the United States. Oasis released three singles that charted on the Billboard Hot 100: “Wonderwall,” which reached No. 8, “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” which reached No. 55, and “The Shock of the Lightning,” which reached No. 93. Their success in the United States was mostly limited to rock stations rather than the pop charts.


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On the other hand, The Beatles released 20 singles that topped the Billboard Hot 100. Oasis didn’t meet their goal of getting bigger than The Beatles. However, Paul is still hoping they reunite to make great songs again.

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