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  • The Beatles’ Paul McCartney talked with another musician about a hugely successful Fab Four album.
  • Paul really liked one aspect of the album in question.
  • The album stayed on the charts for hundreds of weeks.
The Beatles' Paul McCartney in black-and-white
The Beatles’ Paul McCartney | Fiona Adams / Contributor

The Beatles‘ Paul McCartney talked to a fellow musician about the compilation album 1. He jokingly apologized for stopping the other musician from hitting the top of the charts. In addition, Paul revealed what he thought about 1.

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney had a humorous conversation with the producer of a 2000s star

Shaggy is a singer most known for his hits “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel.” He was most popular around the time The Beatles released the compilation album 1 in 2000. During a 2001 interview with Billboard, Paul mentioned the album. “I saw a guy yesterday who was [dance hall/pop singer] Shaggy’s producer — his name’s Shaun [Pizzonia],” he said. “I said, [slyly] ‘I’m really sorry we kept you off the top spot [on The Billboard 200 albums chart until mid-February].’

“He said, Yeah, you were really sitting there,'” Paul added. “I said, ‘We were sitting there, and I really must apologize to Shaggy — not.'”

Paul McCartney discussed the impact ‘1’ had on the younger generation

Subsequently, Paul revealed what he thought of 1. “It’s a good record,” he opined. “Young kids love it, and nobody’s twisting their arms. The kids were buying it for their parents — but not giving it to them [grins], saying, ‘I’ll hang on to this, man!’

“It introduces it to a whole new group of people,” he added. “And it’s crazy to see us on the cover of magazines now as the world’s hottest band! This Shaun guy was saying that the kids don’t know and they don’t care when the record was made. They just love the songs.”

Paul said he enjoyed listening to the album. He said he was taken aback by how well-crafted the songs were. He also praised the people at Abbey Road Studios for remastering them properly. For context, 1 includes numerous massive hits such as “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” “The Long and Winding Road,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Subsequently, 2001 saw the release of Wingspan: Hits and History, a compilation of Wings’ biggest and best songs.

How The Beatles’ ‘1’ performed on the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom

1 became a massive hit which topped the Billboard 200 for eight weeks. It spent a total of 529 weeks on the chart. None of the band’s other albums, including both studio albums and compilation albums spent a longer time on the chart. The band’s second most popular album, Abbey Road, lasted 484 weeks on the chart.

According to The Official Charts Company, 1 was also popular in the United Kingdom. There, the album reached No. 1 for nine weeks. It spent 399 weeks altogether, making it The Beatles’ biggest hit in the U.K. as well.

1 was a juggernaut even if it kept Shaggy from the top of the chart.