Paul McCartney Says John Lennon Still Visits Him in His Dreams

The Beatles broke up over forty years ago, yet they remain one of the most popular musical groups of all time. Their music has sold millions of copies, and their story has inspired multiple films, stage plays, books, and countless other musicians.

While it is undoubtedly a multitude of different elements that made them so successful, the songwriting team of Paul McCartney and John Lennon was a huge component. Lennon was tragically killed in 1980, but McCartney is still alive and making music well into his seventies.

Recently, McCartney stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and talked about his relationship with Lennon, and the surprising way he maintains a connection with his former bandmate. 

When did Paul McCartney meet John Lennon?

Paul McCartney and John Lennon (1940-1980) from The Beatles.
Paul McCartney and John Lennon | Val Wilmer/Redferns

Lennon was born in Liverpool in 1940, and McCartney in 1942. The two shared a lot of commonalities while they are growing up, including tragic losses during their youth and working-class upbringings.

They met in 1957 and formed a fast friendship, buoyed by their mutual interest in music. They started writing and performing music together. Unlike many songwriting partnerships, both Lennon and McCartney wrote music and lyrics. Lennon often wrote more cynical, sarcastic songs, while McCartney’s style tended more to optimistic ballads.

Ultimately, they formed a band, along with George Harrison and drummer Ringo Starr (who replaced their original drummer Pete Best) calling themselves The Beatles. After rising to prominence in England, The Beatles went overseas to America and became a worldwide sensation. For the duration of The Beatles’ time together, Lennon and McCartney worked together to create some of the group’s biggest songs, including “In My Life,” “Help!” “Ticket to Ride,” and “Eleanor Rigby.” 

When did The Beatles break up?

By the end of the 1960s, The Beatles were having their share of artistic differences and McCartney decided to leave the group. Between some difficult business decisions that had been made by The Beatles’ management and their own individual desires to pursue solo ventures, The Beatles had been weakened as a group, and they decided to split for good

All of the members went on to enjoy significant solo success. McCartney married his longtime girlfriend Linda Eastman and they formed their own group, called Wings. As for Lennon, he and his partner, Yoko Ono, campaigned for world peace and made music and art together.

That is, until 1980, when Lennon was shot down by an obsessed fan outside of his New York City apartment.

Paul McCartney still sees John Lennon in his dreams

Although McCartney and Lennon had their share of differences and arguments, after Lennon died, McCartney has been very vocal about how much he misses his old friend and bandmate. He has reminisced about how much they shared and the incredible times that they experienced, both as a part of The Beatles and after the band broke up.

Even though the media has often portrayed the two as being at odds or having multiple fights, ultimately, only the good times have remained in McCartney’s memories of Lennon.

Recently, McCartney chatted with Stephen Colbert about Lennon and revealed something truly touching. He stated that the relationship between him and Lennon was so special and so long-lasting that he still gets revisited by Lennon in his dreams on occasion. He acknowledged that every time he dreams about Lennon, it is always good.

It is no doubt as comforting to Beatles fans, as well as to McCartney, that the two still communicate in some otherworldly way, even though Lennon is no longer around physically.