Pauly DelVecchio’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Stalker Vanessa ‘The Real MVP’ Might Be Jealous of Nikki Hall

Double Shot at Love stars Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall are officially an item. But a woman from DelVecchio’s Jersey Shore days doesn’t seem too happy about his new relationship status. Vanessa Sky Ellis has a lot to say about DelVecchio and Hall’s recently-public relationship. 

Pauly DelVecchio Nikki Hall relationship
Nikki Hall & Pauly DelVecchio | MTV

Pauly DelVecchio is in a relationship with Nikki Hall 

After a rocky start to season 2 of Double Shot at Love, it seems nothing can stop Hall and DelVecchio. During the reunion special, the reality stars announced that they have been in a relationship since season 2 wrapped.

“It kind of just happened,” Hall admitted. Co-star Vinny Guadagnino joked that Hall never left Las Vegas. Instead, she made a U-turn right to DelVecchio’s house. “Now we get to spend real time with each other on a different type of level altogether,” DelVecchio added, continuing: 

For one time in my life, I wanted to enjoy a moment for myself and not have to always put it out there for the world. What’s real is real. You don’t always have to take a photograph of [what’s going on].

DelVecchio and Hall seem to be enjoying their time away from the cameras getting to know each other. Now, DelVecchio is filming the latest installment of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Many fans assume Hall is with him. 

Some of Pauly DelVecchio’s fans don’t like that he’s in a relationship with Nikki Hall 

Throughout both seasons of Double Shot at Love, Hall’s fierce dedication to DelVecchio didn’t sit well with many fans. To some, Hall seemed possessive and obsessive. 

“Nikki is the most possessive and jealous [woman] I have ever seen on a dating show,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “She’s a cry baby, and she really already thinks Pauly is her man. I can’t — I’m watching this week’s episode, and I’m already pi*sed.” 

Despite the haters, Hall has plenty of people who are in support of her relationship. DelVecchio’s former Jersey Shore stalker Vanessa is not one of those women. 

Pauly DelVecchio’s stalker Vanessa ‘The Real MVP’ posted TikTok’s revealing her jealousy of Nikki Hall 

Ellis is a professional celebrity stalker. As documented on the “Celebrity Stalking” episode of My Strange Obsession, Ellis will spend eight hours a day hunting down celebrities.

“I’ll go after whoever, whenever,” Vanessa explained. “Celebrity spotting is the most important thing to me. It’s more important than having a boyfriend, than going to work, than doing anything.” DelVecchio happened to be one of her targets, as seen on Jersey Shore and the season one finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

It seems like Ellis is still keeping tabs on DelVecchio. After the news came out about his relationship with Hall, Ellis posted her thoughts on TikTok.

In one video, photos of DelVecchio and Hall are in the background behind Ellis. “You’re just jealous,” the male voice in the audio says. “Jealous?” Ellis pantomimes saying. “Jealous?! You don’t even exist to me!” 

In another video, Ellis’s background is just images of Hall. This time, the audio is a bit more menacing: “Some people just need a good old fashioned high five…in the face…with a chair…repeatedly.” 

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Is Ellis just joking, or is she genuinely jealous of Hall? It’s likely she’s using her Jersey Shore claim to fame for views on TikTok, but there may be a tinge of jealousy motivating Ellis to make these videos.