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Helen McCrory, Aunt Polly Gray in 'Peaky Blinders' Season 6, smiling at the camera at a premiere

‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Polly Gray and Thomas Shelby Bonus Scene Hints She’ll Side With Michael Gray

Aunt Polly Gray is a fan favorite, and viewers hope to see her again in 'Peaky Blinders' Season 6. It seems a bonus scene from season 5 may hint there's trouble ahead for Thomas Shelby, and Polly, though. Here's what the bonus scene contained and what it could mean for Polly siding with her son, Michael Gray.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 will be here before fans know it, and viewers want to know what’s to come for Aunt Polly Gray. It’s uncertain whether Polly Gray is in season 6 due to actor Helen McCrory’s death in 2021. But if she is, a bonus scene from Peaky Blinders Season 5 hints she may go against Thomas Shelby completely and side with Michael Gray, her son.

 Helen McCrory, Aunt Polly Gray in 'Peaky Blinders' Season 6, smiling at the camera at a premiere
Helen McCrory attends ‘Peaky Blinders’ premiere | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

McCrory’s character, Polly Gray, has been a central voice in the show since season 1 — and fans hope to see her again in the upcoming season. So, is Polly Gray Tommy Shelby’s mother? While Polly has a number of clear maternal instincts when it comes to Tommy and the rest of the Shelbys, she’s Tommy’s aunt on his mother’s side. She assisted with the family business while Thomas and his brothers fought in World War I. However, once the Shelby boys returned, she took a backseat to Tommy. But she’ll likely still advise him on major business decisions in Peaky Blinders Season 6.

Viewers learned a lot about Polly from the start of season 1. She had her children taken from her at a young age. While her daughter died, her son, Michael Gray, lived. And Tommy helped facilitate the meeting of Michael and Polly.

Unfortunately, Michael getting into the family business might be to Tommy’s detriment. Michael and Tommy aggressively butted heads in season 5, and it seems his wife, Gina Gray, might hope to overthrow Tommy and have Michael rule the business.

A bonus scene between Tommy and Polly hints Polly will side with her son, Michael Gray

Polly Gray never seems too riled up by Thomas Shelby’s dealing or Shelby Company Limited. But that could change in Peaky Blinders Season 6. A bonus scene from season 5 originally posted by BBC One in September 2019 gives more clues as to where Polly stands.

The scene shows Polly following Tommy into his office, and the two argue about Tommy’s business dealings. Polly then hands over a request to take time off for her honeymoon, as she tells Tommy she’s getting married to Aberama Gold in just four weeks. Tommy signs off on the honeymoon plans. “Request for leave, granted,” he tells her.

“And after I am married, Aberama has suggested that I resign my position from Shelby Company Limited, because I can no longer stand to be in a room with a man who contemplates fascism, even as part of a strategy,” Polly angrily tells Tommy. She then promises Tommy the time has “almost come” for her to leave the company completely.

While Tommy tries to tell Polly his ultimate strategy, she seems set on leaving behind the company. And this could mean she’s going to side with Michael and Gina in whatever their business plans will be.

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In season 5, someone ruined Tommy’s plan to kill Oswald Mosley — but viewers likely won’t find out who until well in to Peaky Blinders Season 6. Does Michael betray Tommy? Fan speculation suggests Michael was the one to ruin Tommy’s plot, especially after Tommy denied Michael and Gina’s plot to take the family business to New York.

Actor Finn Cole talked about the possibility of Michael betraying Tommy, too. “He could be the one who betrayed Tommy, but there are a number of other candidates,” Cole told NME. “I think going up against Tommy would probably be a mistake. I hope [Michael] doesn’t betray the family too much because people really didn’t like it last time.”

We look forward to seeing what’s in store for Michael Gray, Polly Gray, Thomas Shelby, and the rest of the main characters in Peaky Blinders Season 6.

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