‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 Trailer: Everything Fans Missed

The Peaky Blinders Season 6 trailer is finally here, and fans can’t wait to see how the Shelby family’s story ends. At the end of Peaky Blinders Season 5, someone betrayed Thomas Shelby and foiled his plan to assassinate Oswald Mosley. Now, we’ll watch as the sabotage seemingly continues. Here’s everything fans may have missed from the new trailer that was released on New Year’s Day.

Cillian Murphy from 'Peaky Blinders' Season 6 and Helen McCrory smiling against a black background during a Q&A
Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory during a Q&A | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Arthur Shelby has his name carved into his chest

The Peaky Blinders Season 6 trailer begins with Thomas Shelby shooting a machine gun into the air at night. But one of the first, unmistakable images we noticed was of Arthur Shelby in a bed. Someone appears to have attacked Arthur, leaving him nearly unconscious in the bed. His shirt remains open to reveal a bloody message carved into his skin. The message reads his name — “Arthur Shelby.”

Viewers can’t tell who did this to Arthur in the trailer. But clearly, the Shelbys have vicious enemies in the new season.

Gina Gray’s family likely surrounds Michael Gray on a boat

Michael Gray, Aunt Polly Gray’s son, married Gina Gray in season 5. Gina and Michael hoped to take Shelby Company Limited to the U.S. for expansion — but Thomas Shelby nixed the idea. This angered Michael and Gina. Now, in the season 6 trailer, Michael’s surrounded by a group of men on boats. These men are likely related to Gina and coming for Tommy from the U.S.

The Shelbys might go head to head with the Nazis

The Shelby family has to deal with more enemies than just Oswald Mosley in Peaky Blinders Season 6. With World War II looming, fans will get a glimpse of the Nazis in the new season. The trailer shows crowds approaching a building that’s covered with Nazi symbols.

Esme Shelby returns, and Thomas Shelby possibly attacks the Lee boys

The Peaky Blinders Season 6 trailer shows the return of one character fans haven’t seen since season 4. Esme Shelby, formerly Esme Lee, was forcibly married to John Shelby by the two families to create peace and harmony among them. When John, died Esme cursed the Shelby brothers before leaving town. Now, it seems she’s back, as the trailer shows her standing alone outdoors.

Additionally, fans on Reddit suspect the trailer shows Tommy shooting at the Lee family while they meet in the desert.

Captain Swing from the IRA returns

The season 6 trailer shows a glimpse of Captain Swing from the IRA. In Peaky Blinders Season 5, Captain Swing thought Michael Shelby was the “black cat” operating within the Shelby family. She appears crouched behind a building holding a gun in the trailer.

Ruby Shelby, Thomas Shelby’s daughter, could be in danger

Ruby Shelby, the daughter of Thomas Shelby and Lizzie Stark, gets older in Peaky Blinders Season 6. And it looks like she might be in danger given what the trailer shows. A brief scene in the trailer shows Tommy and Lizzie running with panicked looks on their faces through what could be their home. Then, the following scene shows Lizzie crying with her hand outstretched and a fire blazing in the background.

There’s an attack involving a gas mask

One of the last scenes in the Peaky Blinders Season 6 trailer shows someone in a gas mask surrounded by smoke and shooting a gun. Fans on Reddit believe the person in the gas mask could be Thomas Shelby using mustard gas to attack enemies, but others think that may be too obvious. Viewers will have to wait and see who lies behind the mask — and who they shoot.

The Peaky Blinders Season 6 premiere date is in early 2022.

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