People Are Calling Giada De Laurentiis’ Smile ‘Fake’

Giada de Laurentiis is one of the most famous chefs alive today. We all know and love De Laurentiis for her bubbly personality and delicious Italian recipes. Many of us learned how to make pasta watching De Laurentiis!

Well, it turns out that not everyone loves De Laurentiis. Some Food Network viewers are seriously cringing watching her, and even say that her famous smile is fake. De Laurentiis’ critics had some harsh words to say recently about why they think she’s such a phony.

Who is Giada De Laurentiis?

Chef Giada De Laurentiis
Chef Giada De Laurentiis | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For those of you not obsessed with The Food Network, you might only have a vague impression of who she is. De Laurentiis is an Italian-American chef who first entered America’s living room back in 2003 when her first cooking show, Everyday Italian, premiered on The Food Network.

This was when we all got a sense of her cooking style – making cooking Italian classics easy and accessible for everyone. This show was so popular that it even won an Emmy award.

Since her debut as a celebrity chef, De Laurentiis has gone on to have more shows, including Weekend Getaways in which she took viewers to different eateries around the world.

What she’s most known for, however, is Giada at Home, which premiered on The Food Network in 2008 and showed De Laurentiis preparing recipes for her family. This show has been immensely popular over the years, and lasted for 6 seasons.

It was so popular with fans, in fact, that De Laurentiis recently released Giada at Home 2.0, which is filmed inside of DeLaurentiis’ own home, where she prepares Italian recipes with her daughter.

People think De Laurentiis has a fake smile

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A celebrity who gives fans a glimpse of her own home? It would seem, on the surface, that De Laurentiis is one of the most authentic stars out there, but fans disagree. In fact, many think she’s the opposite of authentic: a phony.

One thing that drives many fans crazy about De Laurentiis is her smile, which seems to constantly be plastered on her face.

“If someone ever asked me what it looks like when someone fakes a smile, I would point them towards Giada,” one critic commented on Reddit. Someone else hilarious responded: “It’s like she wants you to check her teeth for spinach.” 

Many others pitched in, agreeing that De Laurentiis’ smile isn’t authentic. “I always call her skeleton chef because she shows every tooth in her head & makes her fingers into scary claw hands. She-Jack Skellington…!”

Those are some harsh words! People seem to feel really strongly about this. Someone else shared a possible reason why De Laurentiis shows so many teeth when smiling: “I remember when alton brown had a podcast interviewing her and she said she thinks her teeth are her best feature & she takes so much pride in them. eye roll,” they commented.

Could it be that De Laurentiis is just so proud of her teeth that she can’t help but show them off at every opportunity she gets?

Other things that critics say is fake about De Laurentiis

The public’s criticisms of De Laurentiis’ inauthenticity doesn’t stop at her smile. It seems like some people think literally everything about her is fake and made up for television.

“Her smile, her over-exaggerated facial expressions, the excessive hand waving, her know-it-all attitude, the way she over-emphasizes words when she talks; I just don’t find her relatable or likable. I want to watch a cooking demonstration, not a circus side show,” someone declared, with many others agreeing with them. 

Time will tell if De Laurentiis inviting her fans into her own home for Giada at Home 2.0 has made a difference in how fake people think she is!