People Are Questioning John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s Relationship Timeline after His Appearance on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

On Sept. 7, John Mulaney announced that he and his partner Olivia Munn are expecting their first child together. 

The comedian broke the news on Late Night with Seth Meyers and even offered a timeline of his relationship with actor Munn. 

But some viewers are suspicious of dates Mulaney mentioned. Many believe that his relationship with Munn overlapped with his marriage to Anna Marie Tendler.

Here is what Mulaney said and all the evidence of his relationship timeline with Munn. 

John Mulaney is interviewed by Seth Meyers on "Late Night with Seth Meyers"
John Mulaney and Seth Meyers | Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank

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John Mulaney gave Seth Meyers the timeline of his relationship with Olivia Munn

While announcing his partner Munn’s pregnancy, Mulaney offered a timeline of the events surrounding his divorce from his wife. 

Mulaney told Meyers (per Page Six), “I went to rehab in September, I got out in October, I moved out of my home from my ex-wife. Then in the spring, I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia.”

According to Mulaney’s version of events, there was no overlap between his marriage to Tendler and his new relationship with Munn. Mulaney also made it sound like Munn had no influence over his decision to divorce Tendler. 

“I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible. And we’re having a baby together.”

Olivia Munn wearing a scarlet dress at an event.
Olivia Munn | John Shearer/Getty Images

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have interacted a lot over the years

It seems like Mulaney and Munn have had a whirlwind romance, but they’ve actually known each other for years.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mulaney mentioned that he had first met Munn at Meyers’ wedding to Alexi Ashe back in 2013. Munn was there with another SNL star, her then-boyfriend Will Forte.

In a 2015 HuffPost Live interview, Munn talked about being at a wedding with both Mulaney and his then-wife Tendler. “We were at a wedding together, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, do you and your fiancé want to go have dinner or something and go hang out?’” Munn explained.

“At first, it was cool, and then I kept going up to him at the wedding like, ‘So, you having fun?’ I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him.”

Munn admitted that she emailed the comedian, who was engaged at the time, but Mulaney never emailed back. “I might’ve got the wrong email – probably. That’s what I tell myself.”

Then, in November 2017, Mulaney and Munn appeared on camera together for the Jon Stewart HBO special “Night of Too Many Stars.” In the video, Munn flirtatiously said, “Hi, John,” as he walked off stage past her.

John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler pose together at an event.
John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

People are wondering if the comedian cheated on his wife with Olivia Munn

Based on the timeline of their interactions and their pregnancy so quickly after getting into a relationship, people are speculating that Mulaney and Munn started dating before he separated from his wife. 

Tendler’s statement at the time of the divorce announcement made it clear that she didn’t want to end the marriage.

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage,” Tendler said through a representative to Page Six. “I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

John Mulaney speaks into a microphone on stage.
John Mulaney | Kyle Dubiel/NBCU Photo Bank

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John Mulaney said Olivia Munn helped ‘save [him] from himself’

At the end of his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian got serious for a moment to thank Meyers, who was among the people that staged an intervention for Mulaney in 2020. 

“I love you, Seth,” Mulaney told Meyers. “You guys saved me from drugs, and Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself. I don’t have a joke for that. I’m really grateful to you, buddy.”

It was a heartwarming full-circle moment for Mulaney to announce his partner’s pregnancy on his friend Meyers’ show.