People Pointed Out 1 Unsettling Detail In This Photo of Kim Kardashian’s Family

There’s no doubt about it, Kim Kardashian loves sharing intimate photos on social media with her fans. From racy lingerie snaps to throwback photos of her preteen self, Kardashian’s social media game is definitely strong, and her brand is that much better for it.

Still, sometimes her photos spark fan backlash and strong debate.

Recently, she posted a photo of her entire family at breakfast, and it caused an immediate reaction among longtime Kardashian fans who noticed one interesting detail in the photo. 

The Kardashian family has had many pets

Kim Kardashian speaks onstage
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Over the years, the Kardashian family has had a succession of pets, mainly cats and dogs. Years ago on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, viewers were treated to footage of Kendall and Kylie Jenner riding horses in their ultra-private stable.

At the time, the two girls were avid horsewomen, but these days, they seem to be focused on other pursuits. There has been no word on whether or not the horses that they rode belonged to them or were borrowed for practice purposes.

Each member of the family has had numerous dogs over the years – from a boxer that was owned by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to a rescue puppy that Kendall Jenner adopted.

The sad thing linking most of these animals is the fact that they didn’t seem to last a long time with the family. For one reason or another, most of the family’s pets have disappeared.

At the very least, the pets are no longer being featured on social media — however, if the family has kept all of the animals that they have adopted or purchased over the years, they would have a veritable zoo by this point. 

Kim Kardashian has a history of getting rid of pets

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So thankful for all of my babies

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Kim Kardashian, in particular, has gotten rid of several of her pets. Most notoriously, when her relationship with Kanye West was still new, he gifted her a fluffy white kitten named Mercy.

While Kardashian claimed to love the kitten, she ended up giving the kitten away because she apparently had allergic reactions to the kitten. In a sad footnote to little Mercy’s story, the kitten died not long after she gave it away as a result of a virus that is associated with selective breeding. 

She also shared a dog with her ex, Reggie Bush, and while Kardashian initially held onto the dog after their split, it hasn’t been seen in many years, and some fans have speculated that it went back to living with Bush.

Regardless, Kardashian doesn’t have the best track record with pets, which lends even more weight to the speculation surrounding her recent photo.

How many dogs does Kim Kardashian have?

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Morning Madness

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In late January, Kardashian posted a photo to Instagram featuring herself, Kanye West, all four of their children, and their pets, gathered around the table for breakfast.

Fans were quick to notice that there were only two dogs featured in the photo and that North West’s pet Pomeranian, Sushi, was nowhere to be seen. When the photo was reposted on Reddit by fans, a user pointed out that Sushi was missing, sparking speculation as to where the dog could possibly be. 

There have been rumors before that the dog had possibly passed away or been given to someone else, which is not a stretch considering the fate that has befallen many Kardashian family pets. North West first received the puppy as a gift for her fourth birthday in 2017 and has been spotted sporadically on Kardashian’s social media pages.

Still, Kim Kardashian has not yet responded regarding where Sushi is these days — if she was simply somewhere else in the house during the impromptu family photo, or if she really has departed the Kardashian-West clan. 

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