Phase 4 Productions Most Likely to Introduce the MCU’s Next Big Bad

With the end of Avengers: Endgame, questions surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next “big bad” have been running rampant. Who will be Thanos’ villainous successor? While the next ultimate battle between good and evil — involving most or all existing Avengers — is likely a few phases away, an introduction could come as early as Phase 4. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

A villain’s journey to unbridled darkness and uncontested power may begin in one of the upcoming Phase 4 installments. Based on insider reports, three productions seem most likely to introduce the MCU’s next great threat. 

1. Kang the Conqueror could come into the picture via ‘Loki’ 

According to recent reports from well-known Marvel and DC insider Mikey Sutton, Kang the Conqueror may join the MCU via a Disney+ entrance. Owen Wilson may take on the bad guy, appearing across from Tom Hiddleston in Loki, before going on to enter the greater cinematic landscape as a threat to multiple Avengers. 

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The argument posits: Kang is one of the most popular nefarious time-traveling entities; thus, the disruption of the space-time continuum from Endgame has created an opportunity for his entrance. While Kang may join in Loki, his character development will likely proceed beyond the Disney+ show, taking multiple movies (or phases) for him to become the next Thanos-level adversary. 

2. Will ‘Black Panther 2’ introduce Doctor Doom? 

We Got This Covered reported that Black Panther 2 could introduce Doctor Doom — the famous Fantastic Four antagonist. The report, from insider Charles Murphy, explains that Doctor Doom will discover Wakanda while in Africa, hunting to expand his empire. He will wind up against T’Challa when he tries to invade. 

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While this rumor remains unconfirmed, earlier reports indicated that Marvel was trying to cast the character, eyeing the likes of Viggo Mortenson and Michael Fassbender for the role. 

3. Norman Osborn via ‘Spider-Man 3’ 

A while back, Marvel Studios was looking to cast a mysterious benefactor — with physical qualities reminiscent of Norman Osborn, AKA The Green Goblin. Norman Osborn is a technological and scientific wiz who could easily use his mind and fortune to turn himself into a threat too great for Spidey to handle alone. 

Not to mention, if rumors surrounding The Sinister Six are true, and multiple famous Parker foes are about to enter the fray united — and threaten the Avengers — who better to assemble the team of antagonists?

Norman Osborn could be the next great threat, but not as a singular entity. Rather, he could be responsible for compiling a team of villains yearning to take Spidey down. A mash-up of Avengers would then come to Parker’s aid.