‘Phil of the Future’: Aly Michalka and Ricky Ullman Secretly Dated for 6 Years

One of the most popular Disney Channel shows of the early 2000s was Phil of the Future. Young fans were captivated by the Diffy family as they navigated 21st-century life after their time machine suddenly broke down. With the Diffy’s time machine struggles, let’s hope we have better luck as we travel back to the early 2000s to discuss Phil of the Future and uncover more about the stars of the show, Aly Michalka and Ricky Ullman — along with the time they spent secretly dating.

The Diffy family was on vacation from the 22nd century 

As the Phil of the Future theme song says, the Diffy family were “on vacation from the 22nd century” when their time machine suddenly broke down in the year 2004. According to IMDbPhil Diffy, the main character of the show, was written to have been born in the year 2107. Phil’s little sister Pim, played by Amy Bruckner, was said to have been born in 2109. Their parents, Lloyd and Barb, born in the 2070s, were of little help when it came to navigating life in 2004. Therefore, Phil and Pim often had to take matters into their own hands. 

The Diffy kids seemed to grasp life in the early 2000s a bit better than their parents as they were thrown into public school and learned quickly from their peers. One of Phil’s best friends and later love interest is Keely Teslow, played by Aly Michalka. Keely was born in 1990, and she’s your typical kid from the early 2000s. Phil of the Future ran for two seasons on Disney Channel. Toward the end of the second season, Phil and Keely finally confessed their feelings for each other. However, shortly after the pair begin dating, Lloyd gets the time machine back up and running. Fans were left with a bit of a cliffhanger when the series ended in 2006. However, it is presumed that the Diffy family decided to stay in the 21st century.

‘Phil of the Future’ stars Aly Michalka and Ricky Ullman secretly dated 

Ricky Ullman with Alyson Michalka
Ricky Ullman with Alyson Michalka. | Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images

According to BuzzFeed, as Phil and Keely were falling for each other onscreen, the actors who played them were falling for each other offscreen. The Phil of the Future costars Aly Michalka and Ricky Ullman actually dated for six years, well after the ending of the show. The young couple began dating in 2005, right in the middle of filming for Phil of the Future

Michalka and Ullman were both teens when they started dating in 2005. Their relationship carried on for the next six years, into their early 2010s. They officially called it quits in 2011. Throughout their six-year relationship, neither had publicly discussed the nature of their relationship. Therefore, fans had no idea the pair even dated until well after their 2011 breakup.

What happened to Michalka and Ullman’s careers after ‘Phil of the Future‘?

Now, 10 years after their breakup and 15 years since the ending of Phil of the Future, Ricky Ullman and Aly Michalka’s lives have taken them in different directions. Ullman is now 35, and according to IMDb, he has landed quite a few small acting gigs since the end of Phil of the Future. While Ullman has mostly stuck with acting since his days on Disney Channel, Michalka has gone in a different direction. 

Since her days on Phil of the Future, Aly Michalka, now 32, has created a successful music career for herself. Together with her younger sister, Michalka is part of the pop duo Aly & AJ. The duo released their fourth studio album, available to listen to on Spotify, in May 2021. While Ullman and Michalka may have gone on different paths over the last decade, the two have remained friends after all these years. The pair, along with some other Phil of the Future costars, even held a little reunion on YouTube in June 2020, a great watch for any Phil of the Future fans looking for a little nostalgia. 

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