Photo of Betty Ross and Bruce Banner Has Fans Begging for Mark Ruffalo and Liv Tyler to Share the Screen

There are no current plans for another Hulk film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more Hulk. Marvel has plans for a She-Hulk series on Disney+.

That character may provide a bridge between the ongoing MCU and the Hulk. It may also introduce plenty of characters from the Hulk universe into the larger MCU. 

One Hulk-adjacent character that’s already appeared in the MCU is Betty Ross, the love interest of Bruce Banner. There’s a belief among some fans that she may return to be in the She-Hulk series, and they’re hoping it happens. One photo in particular gives them hope. 

Betty Ross in the MCU

In the comics, is the love of Bruce’s life. Overall, she’s seen as a reliable friend and lover to Bruce, always able to help him.  Betty has appeared in only one MCU film: The Incredible Hulk.

In that film, Betty is played by Liv Tyler. She’s an ally to Bruce as she helps him evade capture from her father, General Thunderbolt Ross. One interesting wrinkle is that the character of Thunderbolt Ross has appeared in multiple MCU films since the last Hulk film. 

Betty is never heard from after that lone appearance. Bruce even begins a romantic interaction with Black Widow that sadly never comes to fruition before her untimely death. Since there are no plans for a Hulk film, it didn’t look like Betty would be making an MCU comeback. 

Rumors of Betty Ross’s appearing in She-Hulk

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler | Rich Fury/Getty Images

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Disney+ has announced several series in various stages of development. Wandavision is set to debut very soon while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is due in 2021. Loki will also get his own show. She-Hulk will be the latest Marvel character to get their own showcase. 

According to Geek Tyrant, there’s at least one report of a possible Betty appearance in the upcoming She-Hulk series. It’s unclear exactly how she’ll be incorporated into the show, but it makes sense given her ties to Bruce. The report also mentions Thunderbolt Ross making another appearance as well.

If the show is a hit, it could lead to even more possibilities for Betty reappearing in the MCU. There could be a She-Hulk film or another Incredible Hulk film. The opportunities for new Hulk properties to spring up are endless. 

The photo of Betty Ross and Bruce Banner that has fans begging for Mark Ruffalo and Liv Tyler to share the screen

Marvel recently released The Wakanda Files, a book that serves as a companion to the MCU. It has pictures and text that help fill in some of the blanks and accentuate the plot lines of the MCU.

An MCU fan took to Reddit to post one of the pictures from the book. It was a drawing of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce alongside Betty in a lab. 

“Betty Ross is rumored to return in She Hulk so I’m hoping we finally get a Bruce and Betty reunion!”

So what does this mean for the MCU? While we may see a Betty-Bruce reunion, this would be a first for Tyler and Ruffalo. In Tyler’s only MCU appearance, she played alongside Ed Norton as Bruce. It would definitely be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Ruffalo and Tyler have together.

It would make sense to bring Tyler back, as she allows there to be continuity between the first Hulk film and any potential follow-up entries. 

Betty and Bruce are two inseparable characters. If Marvel decides to bring Bruce back, you can bet that at some point Betty will be as well. It’s only a question of whether it ends up being in She-Hulk or somewhere else.