‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Secret for Perfect, Soft Cookies

Looking to make the perfect cookie? The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond can help. She’s been dishing out some of the tastiest recipes for years on her blog and Food Network cooking show. Now, whether you need a cookie to satisfy a hungry ranch hand or just curb your sweet tooth, Drummond’s tips will make your cookies mouth-watering good. So buckle up, cowboys and cowgirls, you’re in for a treat.

How did Ree Drummond get her start?

Ree Drummond appears on The Today Show
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Drummond grew up with a comfortable life in Oklahoma before escaping to California for college. She planned to attend law school in Chicago, making a stop in Oklahoma on the way there.

That’s when her life took an unexpected turn. According to her Pioneer Woman blog, Drummond went out with a few childhood girlfriends and met future husband Ladd in a smoky bar. The rest is history.

She settled into her role as cattle rancher’s wife and mother to their children (Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd). While homeschooling the kids and feeding her hungry cowboy, Drummond took to the internet to share her rancher life.

About a year into blogging about her daily routine, she started adding detailed recipes. The blog exploded. Her unique lifestyle and bubbly personality had executives at the Food Network take notice.

After holding her own on a Throwdown! episode with Bobby Flay, Drummond was offered her own show on the network. That led to a slew of cookbook deals, TV appearances, and even her own children’s books. Now, “The Pioneer Woman” is a household name.

Bringing foodies together

The success of her blog brought together seasoned home chefs and wannabe culinary masters. Drummond noticed this and wanted to find a way for the community to share their own recipes and kitchen successes.

With that in mind, Tasty Kitchen was born. It’s a free online community of food lovers sharing their own delicious recipes. Users can share ideas, communicate with each other, and rate and review other recipes.

The site breaks down recipes by categories — even including one for special dietary needs. It’s a great way for home cooks to show off their culinary skills. But it’s also the perfect way to figure out what to make for dinner. Either way, Drummond stumbled onto something special, and now it seems like everything she touches turns to gold.

Drummond’s no stranger to hungry ranchers that’s why she’s always cooking up something hearty and filling. But she knows that after that hefty meal, there’s nothing better than something sweet.

Enter The Pioneer Woman cookie. Now, everyone and their mother swears their cookie recipe is the best, but Drummond’s tip doesn’t have anything to do with the ingredients — instead, it’s all about the execution.

Sure, what you use to make the cookies matters. Drummond loves to add two plus sticks of butter and two kinds of chocolate chips — semi-sweet and milk chocolate. But her secret for that soft, irresistibly chocolatey center isn’t due to butter or flour. Nope. Instead, it’s all in the baking time.

The Recipe asked Drummond to share some tips to help anyone make their food and treats taste better. Only too happy to oblige, sharing a cookie tip made the list.

Her secret to the perfect cookie — don’t overbake them. Sounds pretty simple, but many novice and experienced bakers will tell you it’s a tough task. She goes on to share that before the timer goes off, take the cookies out of the oven. The hot cookies will continue to bake on the baking sheet but will cool naturally and leave you with the soft, mouth-watering bite you’re looking for.