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Looking for something to serve alongside Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls during the holidays? Try Ree Drummond’s mini sticky buns. The Food Network star and celebrity chef says they’re “perfect for Christmastime.” 

Ree Drummond’s mini sticky buns start with store-bought dough

Mini pecan sticky bun recipe creator Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, smiles at the camera wearing a black shirt in front of a red background.
Ree Drummond | Bobby Bank/Getty Images

The Pioneer Woman host proves that sticky buns don’t have to be made completely from scratch. To make the baking process a little easier — and faster — Drummond opts for store-bought dough

According to the Mini Pecan Sticky Buns recipe on Food Network, the Pioneer Woman uses frozen bread dough that typically comes in a pack of three. Drummond works the dough with a rolling pin until it resembles a rectangle. 

Next come the sugar and cinnamon. Then, for the sticky bun’s signature swirl, she rolls each rectangle until it forms a log. Finally, the Super Easy cookbook author slices the logs to reveal the cinnamon sugar swirls. 

The Food Network star shares tips for making sticky buns

Sticky buns are the perfect Pioneer Woman treat for the holidays. “These little buns have Christmas written all over them,” Drummond said on her Food Network show before adding that they’re “perfect for Christmastime.”

“They’re great to give to friends. They’re great to give to your favorite grandmother-in-law. And, of course, they’re perfect for cowboys and kids when they need a little tide-me-over until the party tonight,” she said. 

So what are Drummond’s sticky bun tips? She shared them on her official Pioneer Woman website. First, remember not to skimp on the sugar. “If you think you’ve added enough sugar … add a little more,” Drummond said before jokingly adding that it’s a “healthy and mature approach.” 

As for the topping, which puts the “sticky” in sticky buns, she advises to really go for it. Lastly, once Drummond’s sticky buns have baked, don’t turn them out to reveal the pecan topping right away. As she noted, some of her friends found it easier to remove them from the pans after they’d cooled for at least 20 minutes. 


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Reviewers love the Pioneer Woman’s Mini Pecan Sticky Buns

Still worried about making Drummond’s sticky buns? Don’t be. At the time of publication, the dish averages 4.5 stars on Food Network’s website. Although that doesn’t earn it a spot among the most popular Pioneer Woman recipes, it means those who have made Drummond’s sticky buns at home were, for the most part, happy with the outcome. 

Here’s a sampling of what nearly 30 reviewers had to say about Drummond’s sticky buns. “Fantastic,” “incredible,” “delicious,” and “easy” were just some of the positive words used to describe them. 

Others appreciated the simplicity of Drummond’s sticky buns. “I am not a baker and I nailed this,” one reviewer said. “So far I’ve made it three times. It’s so easy. They disappear the second I set them out.” 

Some made them for Christmas morning or a New Year’s Day brunch. One person even said they’ve made them more times than they can count. Another called them their “new favorite go-to party snack.”