‘Pitch Perfect’: Was Adam Devine Really Singing?

From comedic star to musical pro, Adam Devine has many talents. As many actors find when trying to find their big break in Hollywood, you have to be multi-talented to be a successful star. Devine had no problem adjusting with his alluring personality, iconic dimpled smile, and ability to impro with witty comebacks. While there is no question about his humor and acting skills, some question if he can sing.

Even after appearing in the musical movie Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, some still wonder if he is actually singing or just lip-syncing. We’ve discussed all the details about Devine’s musical abilities and his successful career below.

Adam Devine smiling in front of a gray background
Adam Devine | Michael Kovac/Getty Images

What sparked Adam Devine’s desire to perform? 

With his comedic wit and a long list of talents, Adam Devine is enjoying success in the entertainment world. However, his interest in comedy may not have happened if it wasn’t for a tragic childhood accident. When he was only 11-years-old, he was hit by a cement truck, which caused him to slip into a medically-induced coma. The numerous broken bones and a collapsed lung meant the young boy had to endure several surgeries before fully recovering.

It was humor that helped him deal with the injuries from the tragic accident and deflect any insecurities once he returned to school. After high school, Devine followed his dream of performing stand-up comedy and moved to California. He worked with a few friends to create the group Mail Order Comedy, and the friends made YouTube sketch shows and toured around the United States. 

What is Adam DeVine’s net worth?

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His work with Mail Order Comedy led to Devine becoming the notable comedy pro he’s known for today. Devine’s big break came after being cast in the 2011 Comedy Central series Workaholics. The series ran until 2017 and put Devine on the map for his humor, acting talent, and producer. He and friends/past fellow Mail Order Comedy members, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm, co-created and helped to write the widely-watched comedy TV show. 

After his work on Workaholics, he took the world by storm with his own Comedy Central series called Adam Devine’s House Party. Then he also held roles in popular big-budget films. Many best know him for his role as Bumper Allen in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. Devine also had a recurring role on the widely-watch TV show Modern Family. Recent works include starring in Jexi and the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones. As a multi-talented actor, Devine has earned a large fan base, making his baby face recognized widely recognized. His talents haven’t gone unnoticed with several recognitions from critics and fans, and he’s amassed an impressive net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Adam Devine actually singing in ‘Pitch Perfect’?

In a recent Wired interview, Devine answered some of the web’s most searched questions about him. One of those was “Is Adam Devine actually singing in Pitch Perfect?” In typically Devine comedic fashion, he joked that it Usher instead who was singing. He quickly clarified that it was, of course, him singing the parts in the popular musical movie that “we didn’t have the money to have Usher come in and sing his songs.”

However, he has appeared in Weezer’s California Snow music video where he is seen aggressively lip-syncing to the song. This was not his first music video appearance, as in 2016 he was featured in the She’s Out of Her Mind music video by Blink-182. As we mentioned earlier, Devine is extremely talented, and we’ve watched as he grew from comedy star to witty actor and musical success.