Plastic Surgery Is Definitely a ‘Nope’ For Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is one of the most popular and highest-paid models in the industry today. In fact, she was the youngest to ever land on the Forbes’ list in 2017 with her $6 million in earnings.

Her stunning beauty is all ‘au naturel, ‘ too. She claims never to have had any plastic surgery, nor does she ever want to.

Bella Hadid was bullied

Bella Hadid waving to the camera while walking in Paris
Bella Hadid | Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Her rising success on the modeling runway might have you thinking she’s as popular with the public as she is to Victoria’s Secret.

But, the 22-year-old has dealt with her fair share of bullying. Critics cry she is leading a false beauty reality and denies her claims of zero augmentation procedures.

Some professionals, upon a comparison of before and after photos of Hadid, believe she’s showing signs of past Botox, dermal fillers, and even rhinoplasty.

She finds herself combatting trolls on Instagram, accusing her of having work done.

What does Hadid think about plastic surgery?

Truth be told, the sensational supermodel, and sister to the world-renowned modeling talent, Gigi Hadid, is terrified of surgical enhancements.

She has mentioned that she’s scared to put any fillers in her lips, for fear of messing up her face. She’s even offered to undergo facial scans to prove her chiseled profile is authentically hers.

Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, indicates it’s a family thing, as neither Bella nor Gigi have had, nor considered plastic surgery.

Why the experts think she’s fibbing about enhancements

While the right amount of makeup and lighting can change the shape of someone’s face, the professionals in the enhancement business say Hadid can’t be telling us the truth.

Weight loss and maturity can undoubtedly make a difference in the way a woman’s face is shaped. However, with Hadid, her nose and lips are focal points for the experts.

Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme, Director of the Adonia Medical Clinic in London, says it’s evident Bella’s had a nose job. He goes on to cite specifically that her brow arch has changed, and her face is elongated. Others have pointed out her lips, over the years, have grown fuller and plumper. A direct enhancement outcome to fillers and Botox.

Why Hadid doesn’t care what people think

Bella Hadid has never been shy of hard work and sheer determination. Which is why shying away from plastic surgery altogether, makes total sense for the modeling superstar. She is quick to dismiss the critics and bullying.

The sensational super beauty is passionate about living her most authentic life. She’s also passionate about horses and riding. She’s pointed out that while other models claim to endeavor yoga as a soulful grounding second hobby, she pursued her national equestrian ranking.

She had at one time to compete in 2016, for the US Olympics equestrian team. Riding has been her outlet for focus and passion, off the runway. The talented Hadid has been riding since she could walk.

She’s a family girl at heart

She’s passionate about her Muslim heritage, speaking out about past Palestinian hardships in 2017.

She has an incredible bond with her siblings, including her sister, Gigi. She cites their personality differences and even changed her hair color to stand apart, but overall, they’re a dynamic duo.

Her brother Anwar, with whom she shares the crippling effects of Lyme Disease, is also a model. He’s recently signed with the same firm as his sisters and is currently pursuing his own brand and image.

Bella Hadid continues to defend her natural beauty to her critics. It’s clear to everyone that she does her best to lead an authentic lifestyle, even off the runway.