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On Feb. 22, allegations of bullying against SEVENTEEN member Mingyu were posted online. Pledis Entertainment denied the allegations, but on Feb. 25, sexual harassment and more bullying allegations against the K-pop idol were published. On Feb. 28, Pledis Entertainment released a lengthy statement updating CARATs about the status of the investigation into the accusations.

Mingyu of SEVENTEEN performing during the band's Ode to You tour in 2020
Mingyu of SEVENTEEN | Omar Vega/Getty Images

Pledis Entertainment denied the initial allegations against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

After the bullying allegations were published on Feb. 22, the post about the allegations was deleted. Pledis Entertainment proceeded to deny the claims against Mingyu.

“We have confirmed with Mingyu that the claims are groundless and completely false. We do not understand who is making these claims and with what intention,” the company said according to Soompi.

Soompi reported that the label called news outlet News1 and gave more background about why the allegations were false, saying:

“‘A,’ who is making the school violence claims, revealed their middle school graduation album to verify their identity, but the album is from a different year from Mingyu’s graduation year.

Not only that, but ‘A’ wrote that Mingyu was cast in his third year of middle school, but he has been a Pledis Entertainment trainee since his second year of middle school. The claims made by ‘A’ are not lining up.”

The label issued another statement about the new allegations

After Mingyu was accused of sexual harassment and bullying a classmate with a disability, Pledis released a statement on Feb. 28. In the statement, the agency apologized for not responding in a timely manner and explained the investigation process.

Pledis Entertainment used the statement to deny that Mingyu ever bullied a student with a disability, writing:

“First, regarding what we have been able to verify to date, the claim that the artist abused a classmate with a disability is completely false.

The artist himself clearly remembered the person identified in the claim as the victim, and we were able to contact and discuss the issue with this person’s mother, who confirmed that the student was in fact on very good terms with the artist. She remembered the names of the students who did abuse the victim in school, and was able to verify this information for us immediately.

This person is currently leading an ordinary life as a private individual and feels uncomfortable that the past has been discussed publicly without consent. Despite this, the former classmate generously verified the facts for the sake of the artist.”

Pledis Entertainment is still investigating the other allegations against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

After clearing Mingyu of the newest bullying allegation, SEVENTEEN’s label told fans that an investigation is still ongoing regarding the other claims.

“Our company is carefully examining the other issues. However, as identifying the original posters of the allegations is difficult, and as some posters have expressed the desire not to be contacted, we are compelled to proceed with caution,” Pledis Entertainment wrote.

The statement continued, “The artist himself has expressed his deep apology for the discomfort caused to all fans with the occurrence of this issue. He has temporarily suspended his activities, and has entrusted the company to carry out all necessary examinations of the facts.”


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Pledis Entertainment ended the statement with an apology and asked fans for patience as the label continues to investigate.

How to get help: In the U.S., call the RAINN National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to connect with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.