‘Pose’ Star Reveals Who Would’ve Married Next If Show Continued

Pose may have ended, but actor Mj Rodriguez has shared what could have happened had the TV show continued. Developed by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals, the show drew on New York City’s ballroom scene in the ’80s and ’90s. It premiered in 2018 and followed the characters as they came together to let loose and live out their fantasies. Despite widespread acclaim and strong ratings, it was decided to end the show in 2021. But if it hadn’t, Rodriguez thinks Pose would have seen the marriage of two characters.

Indya Moore dressed up as Angel in the FX series 'Pose'
Indya Moore as Angel in the FX series ‘Pose’ | JoJo Whilden/FX

Pose came to an end in June, offering happy endings to many of its characters. This includes Angel and Papi’s wedding, Damon’s success as a dance instructor, and Ricky’s survival. At the very end of the show, viewers learned Rodriguez’s Blanca had finally become a nurse and a housemother to a new generation of children. She’s also still in a relationship with Christopher and remains friends with Angel, Elektra, and Lulu.

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Mj Rodriguez thinks Blanca would have gotten married

In a Deadline interview published in August, some of the cast and crew of Pose reflected on the series and its conclusion. Rodriguez also shared an idea of where the show could have gone, saying it would make sense for Blanca and Christopher to marry.

“I think [Blanca is] definitely next to get married,” Rodriguez said as writer and producer Our Lady J agreed. “Blanca says in one of her scenes, ‘Oh, Christopher’s not ready for that yet.’ I think as time passed, Christopher definitely would’ve been ready for it.”

“They probably would’ve just buried that hatchet and went and got married,” she continued. “I think she’s just living her life now and fully receiving everything she deserves. For a long time, Blanca was living for other people —not in a bad way, she had to do it. She was living for her kids and the people in the community.”

“With the third-season finale, all of the women coming together and having that Sex and the City moment, it goes to show how they all — specifically Blanca — were able to carry on and just live a life of normalcy. Whatever that means,” Rodriguez added.

Knowing how serious their relationship was, fans can probably see Blanca taking that next step with Christopher. Things were already getting serious between them in the final season anyway, from Blanca meeting his family to Christopher moving in with her. It truly seemed like it was only a matter of time before the two wed, even if Christopher had some reservations. But with Pose over, we’ll just have to fantasize about what could have been.

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What about a ‘Pose’ spinoff? Could it happen?

Of course, there has been some talk of a spinoff — but the idea centers on the earlier days of Elektra’s House of Abundance. Rodriguez addressed that chatter in a past interview with Digital Spy, saying she would “jump right on it.” But nothing has been confirmed so far.

Oh well. For now, fans can watch Pose on Netflix.