Post Malone Shares Clips of New Songs With Doja Cat, Roddy Ricch, and The Kid Laroi

On April 23, rapper and singer Post Malone shared portions of songs from his upcoming album, Twelve Carat Toothache. Malone played music clips of collaborations with Doja Cat, Roddy Ricch, The Kid Laroi, and more. During the early morning Instagram live stream, the always honest “Rockstar” discussed song meanings and shared a message of love to his fans.

Wearing a cowboy hat Post Malone attends the GQ Men of the Year Awards in West Hollywood, CA.
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Post Malone’s Collaboration with The Kid Laroi is a ‘celebration of the human spirit’

In an Instagram live stream on April 23, Post Malone got real. The rapper shared he’s been working hard and wanted to share some new music with fans. ​​”I would love to play this entire record and I just want to say hey to everybody that’s hanging out.”

He continued, “honestly, I’ve been working so f***ing hard, and I would love to play y’all a couple more records if y’all got time. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff going on.” Malone played a clip from a new song with The Kid Laroi called “Wasting Angels.” 

The song is “a celebration of life and a human spirit to be able to fight no matter what and just go with the punches and just say, at the end of the day, life is f***ing crazy and it’s a beautiful, beautiful gift that we’ve all been given.”

He called The Kid Laroi a “beautiful soul” and said he’s “so grateful that he was a part of this record.”

Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold provides vocals on ‘A Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol’

On “A Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol,” Malone enlisted Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes for vocals. He spoke highly of Pecknold, “He’s the most beautiful f***ing vocalist, the most epic f***ing guy. Fleet Foxes is one of my favorite bands.” 

Malone described the song as detailing his “struggle with alcohol.” Through sharing his journey, he said, “I just hope it touches somebody out here.” Later during the live stream, Malone apologized to fans for the delay in putting out new music. 

​​” It took a minute especially to get my mind correct, and my mind wasn’t correct,” he said. He encouraged those watching to take care of themselves, “I know there’s thousands, millions of people dealing with their own everything. I just wanna say it’s OK to reach out to people and it’s OK to take that time for yourself.”

Post Malone says Doja Cat is ‘so incredible’

Twelve Carat Toothache contains 14 new songs. While “Wasting Angels” and “A Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” take on heavy subject matter, there will also be plenty of Post Malone bangers. Malone introduced a song called “Happy,” featuring Doja Cat

Before playing the clip, he described her as “The most incredible and beautiful and most talented.” Malone continued gushing about Doja Cat, “she’s so incredible, and I’m so blessed and honored to have worked with her.” 

Malone also played a clip of a new song with Roddy Ricch called “Cooped Up.” He then played a track without a collaborator before sharing “I’m getting in trouble right now,” and stopping the clip. 

In a parting message full of gratitude, Malone asked fans to ‘spread love to everybody that you meet’ 

Malone isn’t sure when the album will be released. He said, “I don’t know dates, I don’t know anything, I just do what they tell me to do.” 

However, he wanted to share a message of love with his fans, “There’s so much going on and I just want to say spread love to everybody that you know, spread love to everybody that you meet.”

He continued his ending thought with, “Take care of yourself. I love you. I don’t know who’s watching but I know that I love you more than I could ever explain and that’s important to spread onto the next person.”

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