‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Daniel Bellomy Reacts to What Happened to [Spoiler]

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 finale.]

Like many fans of Power Book II: Ghost, Daniel Bellomy was shocked when he learned of Zeke Cross’ death. In the Feb. 6 episode, Zeke was shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity. He was boarding Mecca’s jet when Lorenzo Tejada ambushed him, confusing Zeke for Mecca. Here’s how Bellomy reacted to what happened on the show.

Daniel Bellomy as Zeke wearing a black leather jacket in 'Power Book II: Ghost
Daniel Bellomy as Zeke in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Starz

Daniel Bellomy’s reaction to Zeke’s death in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Bellomy opened up about what happened to Zeke in an interview with Deadline. He revealed he didn’t know about his character’s death until the end of the season, so of course, it was a big shock when he found out.

“Usually when a character’s journey is coming to a close on Power, they tell you about in the middle of the prior episode. It’s Power and it’s a game,” he told the outlet.

Though his time on the series was short-lived, it seems it left Bellomy with plenty of memories and lessons to last a lifetime.

“I had an amazing experience working on the show and I’m incredibly grateful to have been on this journey with Zeke, who has given me so much,” he shared. “And I’m also grateful to the cast who really set an example for each other, and for those who had the experience before me for showing me how to navigate this experience while holding onto your own agency and your own power. The journey continues.”

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Could Zeke appear in future episodes of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ as a ghost?

Considering Ghost is known for its, well, ghosts, it seems possible that Zeke could return in the future. But Bellomy said he doesn’t want him to come back.

“I don’t want him to come back as a ghost because I feel like then Monet still gets to have him, and she doesn’t deserve that,” he said. “His family doesn’t deserve to have him back as a ghost. They should be left searching for him because they don’t believe he’s gone.”

Show creator Courtney Kemp has said Zeke’s death will have a big impact in Power Book II: Ghost Season 3, more so with Monet Tejada.

“She’s going to be a very different person next year,” Kemp told TVLine of the character. “Next season, the version of her that was trying to hold onto control in her world, that’s gone now. That’s over.”

“The plan’s gone. Her son’s gone,” she continued. “And if you were watching all along, she preferred him, did she not? She preferred him to her other kids. So now the chickens will come home to roost in terms of how she treated those children, in terms of what she was hoping for her future, all of that. And plus, her husband is guilty of the crime! There is that. She’s going to find out in a big way and that’s going to be… well, I’ll leave that for Season 3.”

When will the show return?

While the release date for Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 is still uncertain, filming is already underway. This suggests a 2022 return is possible. But we’ll let you know for sure when we know more. In the meantime, check out Power Book II: Ghost and other spinoffs now on Starz.

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