‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ Breaks Ground With First LGBTQ Ranger

The Power Rangers TV show franchise has been around since the 90s but still holds strong as a fan favorite with its new series installments. As the times have changed since the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so have its characters. Power Rangers Dino Fury introduced the franchise’s first on-screen LGBTQ character with the Green Rangers. Played by actor Tessa Roa, Izzy Garcia paves a new way for future generations.

LGBTQ character Izzy in 'Power Rangers Dino Fury' holding green power crystal.
LGBTQ character Izzy in ‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ | via Nickelodeon

Who is Izzy Garcia in the 2021 series?

Power Rangers Dino Fury is the 28th installment in the Power Rangers franchise. In this series, the rangers gain their powers from Chromafury Sabers and a series of Dino Fury Keys. The Rangers fight evil and protect Earth from an evil villain named Void Knight (Jared Turner). His goal? He is hunting for the Sporix, a power source that can revive his past lover.

Izzy Garcia becomes the team’s green ranger after helping the others protect the Nephrite Orb in episode 4. The character is described as being sporty and highly competitive. She is also the step-sister of Javi Garcia (Chance Perez), the Black Ranger. As Izzy has proven herself worthy in Power Rangers Dino Fury, she also becomes the franchise’s first LGBTQ character.

Izzy’s LGBTQ reveal was seen in ‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ episode ‘The Matchmaker’

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Accorsing to Out and BoundingIntoComics, Izzy comes out as a member of the LGBTQ community in her personal storyline in Power Rangers Dino Fury. In “The Matchmaker,” Izzy surprises the rest of the characters with her happy and upbeat attitude. She even engages in a conversation with her rival, Fern. Javi and Zayto (Russel Curry) become convinced Izzy has a crush on another team member named Adrian.

They decide to set them up on a blind date hoping for sparks. When the episode’s leading villain interrupts, Izzy later learns what Javi and Zayto did. After the episode’s main battle, the characters return to their daily lives. Javi apologizes to Izzy for what he did but still has a feeling that she has a crush on someone.

This is confirmed when Adrian points behind him. Izzy is smiling and looking happy while holding hands with Fern, her supposed rival. The two walk away together and lean into each other. Izzy becomes the first open on-screen LGBTQ Power Ranger in the entire franchise.

‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ is not the first time fans have seen an LGBTQ character

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While Izzy breaks ground as the first LGTBQ ranger on the small-screen in Power Rangers Dino Fury, she is not necessarily the first in Ranger history. In 2017, the Power Rangers story was rebooted into a movie separate from the franchise. Power Rangers made Trini Kwan’s (Becky G) storyline more adapted to current times.

While the characters bond around a campfire in the movie, Zack (Ludi Lin) assumes that Trini prefers women. She does not deny it and confirms it. Part of Trini’s complex backstory in the movie is that her parents have difficulty accepting her.

Looking beyond the screen, the Power Rangers franchise has another LGBTQ story. In the prime of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, fans were upset to learn many key actors left the series over pay disputes. When David Yost ultimately left the franchise in Power Rangers Zeo, many assumed it was over the same issue.

Years later, the truth came to light. Yost was bullied by cast members and staff over his LGBTQ status. Before being cast in the series, Yost knew he was gay, but social and professional standards in Hollywood forced him to keep it a secret. In the end, the bullying and the effects the comments made on his life led him to quit the franchise.

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