‘Power Rangers S.P.D’: The First Series to Demote a Red Ranger and Why

The 2000s era of TV shows gave birth to many pop culture classics like the 13th season of Power Rangers, Power Ranger S.P.D. Set in the year 2025, the world has welcomed alien beings into their lives. The series revolved around the B-Squad of Earth’s first line of defense team, Space Patrol Delta. Power Rangers S.P.D. had many firsts for the franchise, especially when it came to the Red Ranger. The series’s storyline would be the first time in Power Rangers history that a Red Ranger is willingly demoted from his position to pursue a different path.

'Power Rangers S.P.D.' character Jack Landers and Red Ranger wearing official uniform.
‘Power Rangers S.P.D.’ character Jack Landers and Red Ranger | via ABC Family

Who becomes the Red Ranger in ‘Power Rangers S.P.D’?

The series’s storyline begins with Space Patrol Delta’s A-squad magically disappearing without a trace. As Earth needs a new group of heroes to protect them from the evil hands of the Troobian Empire and its leader Emperor Gruumm (Rene Naufahu), the B-squad is deployed. The new team was still missing its Yellow and Red Ranger.

In Power Rangers S.P.D., Jack Landers (Brandon Jay McLaren) was a homeless street thief with special abilities. His genetic powers make him intangible and give him the ability to pass through solid objects. He agrees to become the Red Rangers of the B-team to save his best friend’s and the other Rangers’. In the beginning, Jack took his leadership role with leisure before realizing he could help the team.

Jack left the B-team to help lives another way in ‘Power Rangers S.P.D’

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Jack’s shift in storyline began in the episode “Resurrection.” When he meets Ally Samuels (Beth Allen), it opens Jack’s eyes to something more and leads to his departure from the S.P.D. team. Ally’s father owns a clothing store to help the homeless. Before becoming the Red Ranger, Jack lived on the streets and would steal out of necessity to help others less fortunate. As the series progressed, Jack spent more time with Ally and returned to his roots, helping others.

Over time his responsibilities as the Red Ranger and an S.P.D. officer conflicted with his relationship with Ally. After the Rangers win in the final battle against Gruumm and Omni in “Endings,” Jack makes a drastic decision. For the first time in the Power Rangers franchise, Jack gives up his title at the Red Ranger and his Morpher. He decides to follow his own path and works with Ally full-time to help the less fortunate.

Jack’s story is different from other Red Rangers like Jason (Austin St. John) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Jason left the Red Ranger role because he and the other characters were to attend a Peace Summit on behalf of Angel Grove High School. Jack left willingly after realizing he was no longer meant to be a Ranger.

Who plays the character Jake Landors?

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Part of the main cast of Power Rangers S.P.D. is actor Brandon Jay McLaren. He played the leading role as Jake Landers, the Red Ranger for the series. Fans of Power Rangers would have recognized him from a classic teen romance movie from 2006. He played a supporting role in Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum’s movie, She’s the Man.

McLaren’s first main role outside of the Power Rangers series was in 2008 as Danny Brooks in Harper’s Island. In 2016, he starred in the main role as Dylan Bennett in the anthology horror series Slasher for one season. The actor’s most recent claim to fame is in the Disney+ action buddy-cop series Turner & Hooch as Xavier “X” Wilson. McLaren stars alongside Drak & Josh actor Josh Peck. According to Deadline, the actor will also become a recurring role in the FX drama Snowfall.