‘Prey’ Fan Theory Reveals Why Predators Are so Fascinated With Hunting Humans

Prey is the latest installment of the horror action Predator movie franchise. The creatures occasionally fight with other species, such as Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise in Alien vs. Predator. However, each of the film installments, including Prey, includes humans in the hunt. One fan theory explores why these creatures are so fascinated with hunting humankind over the course of hundreds of years. This theory specifically explores the movies rather than the comics.

‘Prey’ once again pits Predators against humans

'Prey' Dane DiLiegro as the Predator, hunting humans. He's standing in the Predator costume surrounded by mist and a single tree in the background.
Dane DiLiegro as the Predator | David Bukach/20th Century Studios

Prey is the fifth entry in the Predator franchise, which once again finds the alien race facing humans. The story follows Naru (Amber Midthunder) 300 years ago, set in the world of the Comanche Nation. She’s a skilled warrior determined to become a powerful hunter, but other folks in her tribe don’t believe that she can succeed.

A Predator lands near their territory, and she must fight the creature to protect the land and her tribe. However, it will be a battle to the death that will require Naru to use both her hunting knowledge and all of the tools at her disposal to overcome a Predator with highly-advanced technology.

‘Prey’ fan theory suggests Predators hunt humans for ‘rare’ sentience

A Reddit fan theory explained why the Predators in Prey and other installments hunt humans. Predators don’t seek out helpless beings because there is no honor in such killings. However, they’re far more advanced than humans at any point in time. It points to how many people may fall easily, but a select few could fight back with strength and battle tactics. Prey demonstrates how humans have the ability to escape traps, track their targets, and take them down.

The Predator and Alien franchises supposedly share the same universe, as proven through the Xenomorph skull in Predator 2. In the film universe, the only sentient creatures are humans and the Engineers. However, the latter species doesn’t exactly exist in a stable population.

Prey demonstrates how humans are perfect for Predators to hunt. The fan theory pointed out that the species has the potential to be more than they were yesterday. They make technological advancements, reach out for life across the universe, and question their origins. It’s clear that Predators have an interest in how humankind continues to develop their societies and technology. Prey and other Predator installments prove that humans are actually highly valuable for the species due to their sentience.

The creatures aren’t shown in space

Several Redditors responded to the Prey fan theory suggesting that Predators have an interest in humans because of their sentience. One mentioned that the comics dig a bit deeper than the films, showing the species in space. Meanwhile, the movies generally focus on the Predators hunting within specific lands.

The cinematic universe doesn’t make it clear just how expansive their species is. Some of the sequels give hints, but none of it is direct confirmation. As a result, the Predators end up on Earth, where intelligence is the primary weapon.

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