Inside Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s Relationship

With so many royal family members to keep track of, it’s no wonder Prince William and Prince Harry prefer to spend time together. However, the brothers aren’t the only royals with close relationships. As it turns out, the Duke of Sussex is also quite fond of his younger cousin, Princess Eugenie. In fact, out of Queen Elizabeth II’s eight grandchildren, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s relationship is likely one of the closest bonds.

Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry’s relationship is one of the closest in the family | Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty Images

Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s relationship

Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s relationship came at an early age. And, despite much of her childhood being spent at Windsor Castle (and Harry’s spent at Kensington Palace), the two still managed to find common ground. From their childhood to their adult years, we take a closer look at Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s relationship, below.

They have a 6 year age difference

Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry were born six years apart from each other. And, although Princess Eugenie’s older sister, Princess Beatrice, is closer in age to the Duke of Sussex, she and Harry reportedly have a closer relationship, despite the larger age gap.

They grew up together

As members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie spent a lot of time together growing up. Princess Eugenie was mostly raised near Windsor Castle at her parents’ house, the Royal Lodge. While Prince Harry spent a lot of his time at Kensington Palace. That said, the two likely saw each other at family events and holidays.

Their mothers were best friends

Growing up, their mothers Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were also quite close. And, according to reports, Sarah once considered Diana her best friend. However, in the last year of Diana’s life, their friendship fizzled. The royal women’s relationship likely brought Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie closer when they were young.

Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie’s relationship started at an early age. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

They bond over the limelight

Being a member of the British royal family seems incredibly isolating — especially when it comes to the constant spotlight. Which is why many royals keep a tight-knit relationship. It is likely that Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie bond over their spotlight.

They are neighbors at Kensington Palace

Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank recently moved into Kensington Palace. And, rumor has it, they live right around the corner from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Kensington Palace cottage.

Before she moved to Kensington Palace, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice lived together in an apartment at St. James’s Palace.

They vacation together

Princess Eugenie is not a full-time member of the royal family, so she doesn’t have travel abroad as much as Prince Harry does. However, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to hang out with her cousin overseas. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank reportedly joined Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Toronto when they were dating back in 2016. The four reportedly went to a Halloween party together.

They double date

In addition to traveling together, Princess Eugenie, Prince Harry, Jack Brooksbank, and Meghan Markle have allegedly gone out a few times in London together.

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