Revealed: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Love This 1 Fast Food Place

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finding their new normal now that they’ve left the United Kingdom for North America. The two have settled into their new lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia; they seem to be doing well. And one source recently revealed that Meghan and Harry have ordered food from this popular Canadian fast-food spot.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Meghan has always cared a lot about health and wellness

Before Meghan was the Duchess of Sussex, she was a full-time actress with a lifestyle blog on the side. She cared a lot about health and wellness, and she still does. Meghan often practices yoga and sticks to a strict, healthy diet. According to Cooking Light, Meghan starts her day with hot water and lemon, and she incorporates various healthy meals throughout the day, such as acai bowls and grilled fish.

The duchess reportedly does drink wine, but otherwise, she stays away from alcohol. And she’s had a big impact on Harry’s lifestyle, too.

The duchess has turned Harry on to a much healthier lifestyle

Before Meghan and Harry met, Harry didn’t think much about a healthy lifestyle. When he was younger, he would often drink and party too much, and as he grew older, his smoking habit stuck with him. But Meghan changed all of that.

When the two started dating, Meghan was able to get Harry to quit smoking. She also reportedly helped him lose 10 pounds before their wedding by introducing him to a healthier diet. And now that the two live in Canada, they can live an even more active life.

The two seem to still indulge now and then — at Tim Horton’s

Meghan and Harry recently cut professional ties with the royal family, and the two have moved on to start a new life together in Canada. They’re currently renting a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar mansion on Vancouver Island, and they’ve already been taking advantage of the great outdoors; Meghan was recently seen walking her dogs with Archie.

Though the two are probably excited to become more active, they also clearly still like to indulge in fast food every now and then. (Who knows, maybe it’s the one habit Harry just couldn’t fully kick.) According to The Sun, a source close to the royals said the couple’s security team has picked up orders for the two from a local Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton’s is a popular Canadian fast food chain with mostly sandwich options, such as the ham and cheddar sandwich or the bacon grilled cheese melt.

They seem to be soaking up their new Canadian lifestyle

Meghan and Harry are clearly making the most of living in Canada. They’ve flown under the radar, which is exactly what they want. Their Instagram account has been less active than usual, which shows they’re enjoying the time they are spending in their new home — and they seem to be taking advantage of being closer to nature. And evidently, the two are indulging in some true Canadian fast food, too.