Prince Harry Says Prince William Was ‘Jealous’ of Him: ‘I Have More Freedom Than He Does’

Prince Harry revealed many intimate details of his personal life in his book, Spare. One revelation he made was that he and his brother, Prince William, aren’t as close as many thought they were. Harry says his brother was jealous of him. Here’s what he shared about their complicated relationship.

Prince Harry believes Prince William is ‘jealous’ of him

Prince Harry and Prince William walk together.
Prince Harry and Prince William | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Harry discussed his life and what it was like being the “spare” during his interview with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan. Harry says William was jealous of him because he didn’t have to live such a structured life. Harry says he had more freedom than William.

In his book, Spare, Harry refers to William as both “his beloved brother” and his “archnemesis.” Harry says there has always been competition between him and Harry. He agrees with Strahan’s assessment when he says, “The heir was jealous of the spare.”

Harry confirms Strahan’s statement and says, “Yes, I have more freedom than he has. His life is planned out for him. I had more flexibility to be able to choose the life that I wanted.”

Princess Diana’s former bodyguard also says William was jealous of Harry


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Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, spoke about what Harry and William were like as young boys. He says Harry was known as a “joker.” According to Wharfe, people started paying more attention to Harry and this caused William to become jealous.

“Harry was the joker of the pair of them, and because of that, [he] was much more popular than his brother,” Wharfe tells GB News. “There was a sort of bit of sibling rivalry there. William was slightly jealous of his popularity.”

Ken Wharfe says the ‘magic’ that Meghan and Harry brought is gone

Wharfe says many people in the UK were excited when Meghan and Harry first got married. They saw the couple as a sign of the modernization of the monarchy. The public was excited and hopeful for the future. However, Wharfe says the “magic” is gone now.

“At that point, everyone in the entire world thought what a great beginning now for a re-modeling of the monarchy to have this prince and his wife, a divorcee, an American, a woman of mixed-raced [background],” says Wharfe in his GB News interview. “It was everything expected, what everybody wanted, to move the monarchy into the 21st century. And then suddenly, almost immediately, it collapsed. Now we have this biography, this book, that really, I think, just sort of cements the end to this piece of magic.”

Our take

It’s time for Harry and William to put their differences aside so they can heal their relationship. The longer they go without talking to each other, the further apart they will grow. Once they reconnect, this will give their children a chance to get to know each other and form a close relationship.

It would be a shame if this rift prevented Archie and Lilibet from forming a bond with their cousins and the rest of the royal family. Hopefully, William and Harry will reconcile while they still can.

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